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Mike Perry wins majority decision in sudden death over Michael ‘Venom’ Page at BKFC 27

Mike Perry vs. Leon Edwards/Courtesy of BKFC

Mike Perry may leave BKFC London with a broken jaw, but he’ll do so as a winner after pulling of a majority decision over Michael “Venom” Page on Saturday.

The veteran welterweights battled it out in a 175-pound main event that saw both fighters landing big punches. The fight was so close after five rounds that the judges scored a majority draw. Rather than end the fight there, under BKFC rules, a fight went a sixth and deciding round to declare the winner.

That’s where Perry poured on the aggression and continued to pursue Page with punches until the bell sounded. The judges ultimately gave the fight to Perry, who moves to 2-0 in BKFC since signing with the promotion.

“I said I was going to do six rounds,” Perry shouted. “I didn’t know [I was built for bare-knuckle] it but now I do. This is definitely for me. I love this cause a lot of tough men are scared of this and I want to be the toughest SOB out there.”

As the fight got started, it was Page who was looking to make an impact early as he started setting up a long right hand that he kept throwing hard at Perry. Just when it looked like Page was settling into a rhythm, Perry clipped Page with a short right hook that dropped the Bellator veteran to the canvas for a moment.

The knockdown definitely served notice that Page was taking a different kind of punch from Perry than many of his previous opponents but it also allowed him to reset after moving into the second round. It was there Page blasted Perry with a pair of straight right hands that landed with impact on the chin.

Both shots had Perry wobbled for a split second but he was very quick to recover as he once again started stalking Page across the ring. While Perry was swinging with power behind every punch, Page was doing a better job defensively as he moved quickly and then fired back with counter shots.

Page started connecting with better consistency as he made Perry pay with his forward movement while also making his opponent miss during many of the biggest exchanges. The damage was mounting on Perry, who walked out for the start of the fourth round after the ringside physician had to check his jaw due to tremendous swelling on the left side of his face.

With time ticking away to the final bell, Perry tried throwing caution to the wind with the knowledge that he was almost assuredly down on the scorecards. Perry kept charging forward but he rarely found a home for his fists as Page darted out of the way and then fired back with well-timed counters.

When the final horn sounded, the judges scored the fight a majority draw, which allowed BKFC to implement a sixth and deciding round for on the second time in the history of the organization.

That round saw Perry as the more active fighter, launching bombs at Page’s head and coming after him with non-stop aggression. The extra time didn’t help Page either as he started to slow down while losing steam and as a result his output diminished.

In the end, Perry got the nod by majority decision and now he’s looking for an even bigger fight after dispatching Page on Saturday.

“The next one let me call out real quick — Jake Paul you need an opponent,” Perry said. “You need a money fight, I’m the real money fight. Maybe I’ll put the pillows back on if you’re scared to get in here.”

As for Page, he was wearing a mouse under his eye and blood streaming out his nose but he took the loss in stride with hopes that he could return to bare-knuckle again one day, although his next stop is almost assuredly back with Bellator.

“I have to say Mike Perry, I underestimated him a little bit,” Page said. “A tough man. I thought I landed a little bit more but it doesn’t matter, I didn’t make it decisive in the judges’ eyes. I have obligations but I would love to [come back].”

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