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Michael “Venom” Page vs. Mike Perry full fight video highlights

Michael Page and Mike Perry at BKFC 27 BKFC

Watch Michael “Venom” Page vs. Mike Perry full fight video highlights from their bare knuckle boxing bout, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Page vs. Perry took place Aug. 20 at OVO Arena in London, England. Michael Page (0-1) and Mike Perry (2-0) collided in the main event. The fight aired live on the BKFC app.

Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Page vs. Perry, check out the live blog from MMA Fighting below.

Round 1: Perry quickly rushes in, clinching up, beating the body and drawing a separation from the ref. Page sneaks in a right hand then another one, trying to snipe as Perry turns his back. Hands at his sides. Page is Perry caught with a shot before he can land with that right hand. He gets a standing eight-count. Perry forward again, and they clinch up, drawing another separation. Page using his length, fighting backward as Perry crowds him. They clinch again, and he muscles Perry across the ring before the break. The counter right is just off as Perry leads with his left, and they clinch to end the first frame.

MMA Fighting scores round 1 10-8 for Perry.

Round 2: Perry again comes out swinging and gets momentarily stiffened by a right hand, momentarily hitting the canvas. It’s not ruled a knockdown. Page tries to follow up, but Perry is clinching. Perry walks into another straight right, then another one. Perry winding up big, while Page is going for the straight shots and clinching up when his foe gets close. Another clinch as Perry muscles in, and Page pops him in open range. Perry trying to make this an ugly fight, and he draws another separation. Perry takes aa straight right, then he beats the body in the clinch. Lead right hand again good for Page, and Perry holds on for separation. Perry wings an overhand right and misses wide as the second comes to a close.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Page.

Round 3: Immediate clinch after Page fires. Perry trying to chase his man down, and Page using rear-leg attacks to intercept. Perry manages a glancing right, but Perry is in and out before he can follow up. Clinch again, and they gets separated. Perry looks like he’s slowing a bit. Another lead right off, but uppercut good for Page, and an uppercut also god. Perry takes it and clinches up. Both men a bit slower. Page continuing to potshot and Perry is bleeding. Bobs and weaves from Page, and they clinch again. Jabs moving backward and rear-right uppercut for Page ends the third.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Page.

Round 4: Time called for doctor check on Perry’s cuts. He passes easily, and Page goes right after him with his jab. Left hook and power right lead for Page, Perry cracks him with a left, and Page circles off and leads with his left. Another right uppercut for Page, and he muscles Perry off him. Feints making Perry bite, and Page interrupting rhythm with clinch, then potshots from distance. Page peels off with a left hook and circles away again. Perry still trying to walk him down. Page’s mouth open...this is probably a more grueling fight than he imagined, though his strategy of hit and run appears to be paying off. But it’s tiring, and so is Perry. Page lands a glancing shot as the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Page.

Round 5: Perry comes right after Page, swinging wild. Page uses his shoulder to push his foe off and fires back with lefts and rights. Perry takes another jab. He needs a big shot to change trajectory of this fight. He muscles in and dirty boxes Page, who waits out the separation. Jab and duck for Perry, and he leads with the right. He wraps the head as Perry clinches. Both men are tired, but Perry is stil moving forward. Perry jabs in and misses on his power right, and Page clinches up at the bell.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Page.

Overtime Round: Clearly, the judges didn’t agree, ruling a split draw. For the second time in BKFC history, there will be an overtime round.

Page hits Perry with a combo coming in and then hooks to the body before they clinch up. Perry tries to power in and catch the ducking Page. Dirty boxing inside, but Page minimizes damage. Page goes to the body and ducks before Perry bullrushes in. Who wants it more. Page styling a bit, reaching for the clinch as Perry comes in. Counter hooks as Perry muscles into the clinch again. Page’s mouth is bloody, and he takes a heavy uppercut. Perry is looking for the finish as Perry surges in. They trade punches, and Perry lands a a left hook that gets Page’s attention. A short firefight as the fight finally comes to an end with both fighters bleeding and exhausted.

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