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UFC San Diego results: Nate Landwehr wins majority decision over David Onama in wild instant classic

UFC Fight Night: Landwehr v Onama Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Nate Landwehr is leaving UFC San Diego with a majority decision win, but both he and David Onama deserved a standing ovation after putting on an all-time classic in Saturday’s co-main event.

There were several near finishes, a few knockdowns, and some of the wildest exchanges — both on the feet and on the ground — over the course of 15 minutes, but it was Landwehr’s unreal toughness and marathon-like conditioning that helped him outlast Onama to secure the victory. Two judges gave Landwehr the fight by 29-27 scores, while the third official had it as a 28-28 draw.

Still, that was enough for Landwehr to get the nod, although everybody in the arena and all those watching at home were really the winners after such a memorable battle.

“I showed up!” Landwehr shouted. “Plain and simple. Nate ‘The Train,’ I’m the roughest, toughest, buckest … and I can fight pretty damn good, too, baby. He’s a bad man but I’m the baddest man in the division.”

With a reach advantage, Onama did a good job early of keeping Landwehr at the end of his punches while establishing a slick lead jab. When Landwehr was able to close the distance, Onama started opening up with two- and three-punch combinations, with power behind every shot.

By the midway point of the opening round, Landwehr wore the damage with a cut under his left eye. Onama then nearly finished the fight with a huge punch that sent Landwehr crashing to the canvas — and it appeared he was done.

Somehow, despite appearing unconscious for a split second, Landwehr woke up and held on until he could climb back to his feet as the featherweights continued trading shots. A late elbow from Landwehr clubbed Onama just before the horn that started to change the momentum in the fight.

Landwehr was relentless with his offense at the start of Round 2 as he came after Onama with nasty punches and knees to the head from the clinch. The assault continued until Landwehr eventually ended up in the mount, where he began raining down shots on Onama, who shifted from dominance to survival mode.

Landwehr was in complete control as he began teeing off on an exhausted Onama, and it appeared the fight was just seconds from being over. Out of nowhere, Onama uncorked a hard punch that backed Landwehr off for a moment, but it was short-lived success.

Showcasing immeasurable conditioning and durability, Landwehr almost welcomed the brief comeback as he continued throwing shot after shot, trying for the finish. Just before the fight ended, Onama unleashed another shot that rattled Landwehr before the featherweights launched a few more strikes as one of the craziest fights in recent history came to a close.

Still, the onslaught from Landwehr in the second round and through most of the third was enough for him to secure the victory. But more than anything Landwehr immediately transformed himself into must-see TV, especially after a fight like that.

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