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UFC San Diego video: Azamat Murzakanov crushes Devin Clark with devastating body shot leading to TKO finish

Azamat Murzakanov is a name to remember as the undefeated Russian picked up another finish at UFC San Diego.

This time Murzakanov delivered a devastating body shot in the third round that put Devin Clark down on the canvas and he never got back up again after absorbing even more strikes until referee Frank Trigg stopped the contest. The end came at 1:18 in the third round with Murzakanov moving to 12-0 in his career with the win.

“My main goal was to win and I was focused on it,” Murzakanov said afterwards. “I wasn’t thinking about anything else. Devin is a tough son of a gun. I was hitting him and nothing was happening so I decided to go down to the body.”

Despite giving up size and reach, Murzakanov was surgical with his strikes as he continuously found a home for a stinging left hand that kept catching Brown on the feet. Murzakanov was also cutting off the cage while marching forward as he closed the distance to keep Brown on his back foot.

Just when it looked like Murzakanov was taking over, Brown threw an unexpected head kick that caught the Russian off guard and put him on wobbly legs for a moment. He survived to the end of the round but it forced Murzakanov to reset as he came out for the second round.

Whatever advice he got in the corner paid off because Murzakanov took over right away as he clubbed Brown with several stiff punches that quickly changed the momentum. Murzakanov was showing incredible speed and power as he continuously caught Brown with his punches.

Another left hand blasted Brown and put him down on the canvas as Murzakanov went to the ground looking for the finish. Brown did a good job making it through the round in survival mode but Murzakanov dished out a lot of punishment before the horn sounded.

Murzakanov started dishing out more of the same in the final round until he backed Brown up towards the cage and that’s when he launched a thudding left hand to the body. As soon as the shot reverberated off Brown’s midsection, he fell to the ground and he never got back up again until the fight was over.

Now 2-0 in the UFC with two finishes, Murzakanov appears to be a deadly striker who is already starting to make waves in the light heavyweight division.

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