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Video: Iago Torres leaves opponent face-down with unbelievable spin kick knockout

Iago Torres is 1-0 as a pro now, and one-for-one when it comes to ending his fights with highlight-reel knockouts.

The Brazilian flyweight made a successful debut Sunday at an Action Fight Championship event in Ceara, Brazil, recording one of the year’s most incredible knockouts with a spinning heel kick finish of Renan Fiuza.

Watch the knockout strike above.

In the clip, Torres and Fiuza can be seen scrapping in close until Torres is able to create separation. That proved to be the beginning of the end for Fiuza, who lets his guard drop at just the wrong moment. His arms reach out just as Torres spins and slips a hooking foot right over them. The shot catches Fiuza right on the chin, sending him into his own spin and leaving him flat-out on the canvas.

Fortunately for Fiuza, Torres recognized immediately that the fight was over and proceeded to celebrate rather than add any additional shots.

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