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Israel Adesanya fires back at Chris Pratt after ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ star criticizes his performance at UFC 276

MMA: JUL 02 UFC 276 Photo by Alejandro Salazar/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Israel Adesanya has received a lot of criticism about his winning performance over Jared Cannonier in the UFC 276 but now he’s firing back with actor Chris Pratt ending up directly in his crosshairs.

Following the event this past Saturday night, Pratt sat with the UFC broadcast team where he gave his opinion on the fight as Adesanya cruised to victory over Cannonier in a one-sided decision.

“I’m going to say this as humbly as I can — I’ve never stepped into the octagon,” Pratt said on the UFC 276 post-fight show. “I don’t know this game. I’m just an actor, but I’m not a fan, man.

“I’m not a fan of coming out like, all that talk, and then just kind of putting on a little bit of a pitter-pat [performance]. I’m like, c’mon, man. You’ve got to cash on that promise of being so badass.”

On Wednesday, Adesanya responded to Pratt with a post on social media where he blasted the Thor: Love and Thunder star along with a clip from his past movie Wanted where he took a computer keyboard to the face in a scene with James McAvoy.

“Good morning,” Adesanya wrote. “I’m the man. You’re just some fan.”

Hours later, Pratt responded to the tweet with an olive branch.

“You’re right,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m sorry brutha [sic]. It bugs me when people criticize my work- having never themselves risked anything. It makes me a hypocrite to do exactly that to you. My bad. Keep on keeping on champ.”

In the aftermath of his fight, which was ultimately his fourth consecutive decision in a row, Adesanya has become much more vocal firing back at critics who took issue with his performance.

His comments aimed at Pratt came after Adesanya also chastised the media for the coverage he received immediately after his fight on Saturday night

“You guys have a job to do and I’m not criticizing you guys in particular, I kind of am, but remember I can do your job,” Adesanya said. “You can never do my job. Just remember that. I could do your job, trust me.

“I appreciate you guys for what you do but not just for me but for other fighters, be mindful with your words. Be mindful with the way you clickbait. That s*** it weak.”

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