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Video: Nate Diaz slaps reporter during interview backstage at UFC 276

Nate Diaz has been anxiously awaiting an offer from the UFC on his next fight but apparently he decided to take matters into his own hands on Saturday night.

An impromptu interview backstage at UFC 276 ended with Diaz smacking a microphone away from a reporter and then slapping the reporter in the head before cameras cut away.

The reporter asked if Diaz showed up to watch Sean O’Malley’s fights and that prompted the response from the veteran lightweight and welterweight contender where he said “you better watch those tweets” before the sound cut out.

A second later, Diaz knocked the microphone out of his hand followed by the slap across the face that sent the reporter away from the fighter.

Security standing nearby didn’t seem all that bothered by the incident and there were no other reports about the incident backstage.

The altercation didn’t seem staged, at least judging by Diaz’s demeanor during the encounter, although it’s impossible to know for certain what exactly led to the slap.

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