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UFC 276 results: Sean O’Malley vs. Pedro Munhoz ends in no decision after eye poke stops the fight

UFC 276: Munhoz v O’Malley Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

An unintentional eye poke delivered by Sean O’Malley in the second round left Pedro Munhoz unable to see and unable to continue as the bantamweight clash to open UFC 276 ended in disappointment.

The fight was stopped after Munhoz was rushing forward with a combination and O’Malley put up his hand in defense but a finger went directly into the Brazilian’s eye.

Time was called with referee Jason Herzog giving Munhoz an opportunity to try and recovery from the eye poke. Unfortunately, Munhoz couldn’t open his eye and he told the ringside physician that he wasn’t able to see, which was all the doctor needed to hear to stop the contest.

The end came at 3:09 in the second round with Herzog declaring the fight a no decision.

Prior to the end of the fight, Munhoz was doing his best to test Munhoz on the feet as the bantamweights were exchanging strikes throughout.

With Munhoz concentrating on calf kicks, O’Malley was playing defense and looking to unleash his hands on top while using his reach advantage as the taller, longer fighter. It appeared O’Malley was somewhat hesitant to engage while Munhoz continued chopping away at his foundation with those repeated leg kicks.

When O’Malley finally started unleashing his strikes, he was a sniper from the outside with a laser on his right hand and some kicks that nearly took Munhoz’s head off. As O’Malley got more active, Munhoz was forced to react but he was struggling to get inside while being wary of the long punches coming at him from the outside.

That’s when the eye poke happened as Munhoz took the foul and the fight was paused before eventually being called off.

O’Malley was hoping for a signature win against an established bantamweight contender but instead he leaves UFC 276 with a no decision on his record while Munhoz will look to get some medical attention on his eye after his night ended early.

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