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Jake Paul tears into Fury family after Tommy Fury’s latest withdrawal: ‘He has to pay for that’

Jake Paul isn’t buying Tommy Fury’s excuses.

A scheduled boxing match between Paul and Fury fell apart for the second time in as many attempts this past week, forcing Paul to pivot to Hasim Rahman Jr. for his August 6 date at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Fury previously withdrew from the Paul matchup in December 2021 due to a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib. This time around, Fury claimed that visa issues prevented him from entering into the United States.

Paul, however, isn’t convinced.

Fury’s father and trainer John Fury recently told DAZN that his 23-year-old son was “overweight” and out of shape ahead of the bout. And to Paul, that alone tells the story.

“I believe exactly what his dad said,” Paul said this week on The MMA Hour. “I believe that he was out of shape and his dad was like, ‘Don’t take this fight right now.’ That’s what I truly believe happened, and that he blamed the whole entire thing about not being able to get in because of a visa, which doesn’t make any sense because a month earlier he was in Los Angeles on vacation. There’s proof of that, there’s pictures on his Instagram.

“And by the way, who knows if he even went to the airport? There’s no pictures. He’s one of the most famous people in the United Kingdom — he goes through the public airport, the most populated airport, London Heathrow, and there’s not a single picture of him there with a fan or anything like that? That seems weird to me,” Paul continued.

“So who knows if he even went to the airport, and then obviously his dad came out and said, ‘He wasn’t training, he was fat, so I told him not to do the fight.’ The kid’s a chump, bro. The kid’s a chump. His own dad snitches on him. His own brother didn’t want to put the money into escrow. When his brother [Tyson Fury] made the million-dollar bet a couple of weeks ago, I was like, ‘Alright, let’s do it, bet a million dollars.’ I hit up his lawyer through Nakisa, his lawyer never responded, they didn’t put the money into escrow. So basically this family is all talk, all publicity, and he doesn’t actually want to fight me.”

Paul (5-0, 4 KOs) has a very different test ahead of him now.

With a 12-1 record as a professional boxer and more than 100 amateur fights, Rahman Jr. is both more experienced than Fury and significantly larger than the Love Island star. The 6-foot-3 fighter is also the son of former two-time boxing champion Hasim Rahman, who was famed for knocking out Lennox Lewis in 2001 and unifying the heavyweight titles.

That means Paul has plenty to keep himself focused ahead of August 6. But he’s still not satisfied with where his rivalry sits with Tommy Fury and the Fury family.

“For me, I want to knock him the f*** out and make them pay for all this s*** that he’s done and put me through, and all the money that’s been lost trying to put on these events with him. He has to own up that, he has to pay for that,” Paul said.

“And for me, this is about the legacy — and knocking out a Fury and f****** up their whole boxing legacy would be really fun for me.”

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