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Video: Dana White gives one of the Nelk Boys $250K as birthday gift, former UFC fighter suggests union in response

UFC president Dana White is a generous guy when it comes to his close friends.

On Monday night, video from the Twitter account of Kyle Forgeard showed White gifting $250,000 to the member of the Nelk Boys as a birthday present.

That’s certainly a lot of cash to give to a friend on any occasion, let alone a birthday. Check out the reaction of Forgeard below as he received the surprising gift.

As expected, this led to quite a reaction from the MMA internet community considering the ongoing conversation in regards to fighter pay in the UFC. While a lot of fighters — most notably on entry-level contracts — are struggling to make ends meet, the president of the promotion is handing out birthday gifts in the amount that would change the lives of a lot of the rostered athletes.

In fact, former UFC fighter Louis Smolka was privy to the video and reacted to it, suggesting that the athletes on the roster finally band together to make something happen to give fighters a bigger share of the pie.

White has been noticeably absent from the last several events, including UFC 276, as well as the entire International Fight Week. The longtime authoritative face of the promotion didn’t attend the event at the T-Mobile Arena, or attend either of the week’s pre-fight press conferences, or ceremonial weigh-ins for undisclosed reasons.

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