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Alonzo Menifield rips ‘chump’ Askar Mozharov after UFC Vegas 56 record controversy: ’It fluctuated like the damn stock market’

UFC Fight Night: Menifield v Mozharov Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Alonzo Menifield found himself in the middle of a bizarre storyline that built steam throughout the UFC Vegas 56 fight week in regards to his opponent Askar Mozharov.

Prior to their light heavyweight tilt on Saturday at the UFC APEX, which Menifield won via first-round TKO, Menifield was well aware that Mozharov’s pro record continued to change in the sport’s well-known databases from 25-7 to 19-12 by fight day.

“It fluctuated like the damn stock market,” Menifield told members of the media following his win at the APEX. “I noticed it was [changed] three times and I was like, ‘This guy is a weirdo, he’s a chump.’ I had all kinds of bad thoughts for him. In this game, you’ve got to put respect on it. These fighters, we, me, we put our lives on the line and we train.

“This is a choice, and this is what we choose, so I don’t know if he’s playing games, or if it’s some type of showcase for media or whatever, but when you come and fight in the octagon, it’s serious.”

At the end of the bout, it seemed as if Menifield had some words for Mozharov and things were getting a bit heated between the two fighters. Menifield landed a huge punch seconds in before landing a takedown. When Mozharov got back to his feet, he landed a few shots before getting taken down again.

Eventually, Menifield got on top in a crucifix position and landed vicious elbows until the fight was stopped. The Fortis MMA standout explained why things got a bit heated after the fact.

“I would never be a crazy person like that,” Menifield said. “I’m not that kind of dude, and in all honesty, when I was fighting this dude he started talking: ‘I don’t feel that. That’s soft. What is this?’ And he starting talking to me in a way where he was disrespectful, so the gangster came out.

“Then right then and there, I was like, ‘OK, Alonzo, he’s is trying to throw you off of this grappling thing’ So I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to grapple, I’m going to wrestle him more.’ So yeah, that’s why I was kind of crazy.

“With him talking and him thinking the way I know he was thinking, and the record, I was angry — and I wanted to have another fight with him,” Menifield added. “As I was walking [off], I wanted to keep fighting him. Of course get those two paycheck, and then I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll meet you in the parking lot.’ That’s how mad I was.”

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