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Jorge Masvidal weighs in on Nate Diaz’s UFC contract situation: ‘This guy’s just a f****** diva, bro’

Before, Jorge Masvidal might have been on Nate Diaz’s side in a dispute with the UFC. Now, Diaz is on his own.

Masvidal mocked Diaz’s stalemate with their promoter, saying the Stockton, Calif., star put himself on the sidelines by refusing fights.

“I think he’s got too much CTE, probably can’t even f****** understand what they’re putting in front of him,” Masvidal said Monday on The MMA Hour. “I don’t know. I usually don’t take the UFC’s side for many things, but from what I’ve heard and seen, I’m like, this guy’s just a f****** diva, bro – just f****** fight.

“I could sign him off in his last fight if he wants. All that s*** talking he’s been doing lately. I wouldn’t mind breaking his jaw and sending him off to whatever gambling casino he’s going to be fighting at or Indian reservation he’ll be headlining. I don’t mind. But he won’t sign when my name gets brought up again. It’s another ghost-ghost on [UFC executive] Hunter [Campbell], on all the matchmakers for weeks when my name gets brought up. So it’s whatever.”

Diaz has repeatedly asked the UFC to book the final fight of his current contract. But it’s believed there’s a holdup because the promotion wants to sign him to a new contract and won’t budge until a deal is reached. Because Diaz has turned down several fights, the promotion is able to extend his contract, in effect keeping him off the open market.

Masvidal and Diaz famously fought for the made-up “BMF” title at UFC 244 in 2019. They were respectful toward each other going into the fight. But when it ended in a third-round TKO for Masvidal by doctor’s stoppage, Diaz grew more frustrated when a rematch didn’t materialize and took several shots at his one-time opponent in interviews.

That’s when Diaz went from friend to enemy in Masvidal’s mind.

“I guess me kicking him in the f****** mouth changed,” he said. “The referee stopped him because he had numerous cuts on his face. I never once went to the referee [and said], ‘Hey, you should stop this fight. This guy looks in bad shape.’ Yet he called me a coward, said all types of s*** and continues to f****** play it up like that. You don’t have to get the rematch like that. You can just say, ‘Hey, let’s rematch. It was a good first fight.’ Calling me a coward, or I was ready to quit, have you ever seen me quit in a fight? Like me just going back to the seat and say, ‘No, this guy’s too much,’ especially if I’m up on all f****** judges’ scorecards going into the fourth and fifth round, all the damage I put on this guy, I’m going to all of a sudden I’m just going to quit because the pace was too much.

“If anybody was going to quit, it was him. So him calling me a coward, him saying I was getting tired, that I was getting ready to quit, it’s like, you ain’t gotta to do all that, bro. But if you want to do it, sure, you can join the list of idiots I know.”

Diaz has never shied away from letting his thoughts be known on Twitter. He’ll continue to do so as he waits for what could be his final UFC fight. He just won’t have an ally any more in Masvidal.

“If he’s hearing this and he’s going to make a little stupid tweet and he’s going to do the whole thing, b****, just sign the f****** paper and let’s go fight,” he said. “Let’s go fight. You make all this noise that if you had Round 4 and 5 – what were you going to do, brother? Just lay on your back and hold your stomach? You were going to f****** get your face pounded - that’s all you were going to do. So I don’t really respect him too much, and what he’s saying, I think a lot of it’s just bulls***, it’s him trying to get the fans on his side. There’s been a lot of fights offered to his b****-a** and he just doesn’t want to take them.”

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