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UFC Vegas 56 video: Karine Silva wraps up D’arce choke submission to finish Poliana Botelho in first round

Karine Silva got a buzzer-beater finish with a first-round submission that put Poliana Botelho away at UFC Vegas 56.

Following a knockdown on the feet, Silva saw an opening to wrap up a D’arce choke, but time was running out as she locked up her hold. Silva didn’t give up the submission though, and Botelho was ultimately forced to tap out just before the horn sounded.

The official stoppage came at 4:55 in the first round.

“I was happy before obviously, but now I’m so much more happy,” Silva said afterward. “Thank God for this opportunity. It’s a culmination of all the work my team had.”

The flyweights threw a lot of kicks in the exchanges on the feet, although neither Botelho or Silva really connected with much through the first round. Silva was definitely the more active fighter, but her best punch didn’t come until she jumped forward with a huge right hand that slammed into Botelho’s jaw.

Silva used the forward momentum to then take Botelho to the ground, where she began hammering away with punches until seeing an opening to apply her grappling game.

A split second later, Silva connected her arms and wrapped up a D’arce choke submission as she rolled to her side trying to lock up the finish. Though the round neared an end, Silva continued to tighten her grip and Botelho had no choice but to tap out to stop the fight.

It was an impressive showing from Silva, who has now won six fights in a row overall, including her victory on The Contender Series and now a first-round finish to kick off her UFC career.

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