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UFC Vegas 56 video: Alonzo Menifield bludgeons Askar Mozharov with brutal elbows for first-round finish

Alonzo Menifield wasn’t playing games when he dispatched UFC newcomer Askar Mozharov in the first round of the opening bout on the main card at UFC Vegas 56.

With controversy swirling around Mozharov all week long due to a suspect record in his MMA career, Menifield made quick work of him after landing a pair of takedowns in the opening round.

After planting Mozharov on the ground for the second time, Menifield unloaded a barrage of nasty elbow strikes with his opponent stuck in the crucifix position, and that was more than enough for the finish. The stoppage came at 4:40 in the first round.

“The dude’s got three records,” Menifield said afterward. “It pissed me off. It just made me furious. I knew he would come out swinging like a crazy person. I said let’s do MMA. I took him down and I beat the crap out of him. I’m proving myself in this game. I’m unlocked and I’m ready for anyone.”

It took seconds for Menifield to rush across the cage and plant Mozharov on the canvas, with the Contender Series veteran content applying pressure from the top while peppering away with punches. Mozharov looked stuck on the bottom as he was just holding on, perhaps hoping for a stand-up from the referee.

When Mozharov finally exploded to get back to his feet, he started swinging wild punches, and that allowed Menifield to swoop low to grab another takedown. From there, Menifield trapped the arms in the crucifix position where he first landed a couple of short punches.

It didn’t take long for Menifield to get enough room to then start launching elbows with Mozharov’s head bouncing off the canvas and that was enough for the referee to rush in to stop the fight before too much damage was dished out.

Now 3-1 in his past four outings, Menifield remains a prospect to watch as he picks up another impressive finish to add to his growing résumé.

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