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Mateusz Gamrot vs. Arman Tsarukyan full fight video highlights

Watch Mateusz Gamrot vs. Arman Tsarukyan full fight video highlights from the UFC Vegas 57 main event, courtesy of the UFC.

UFC Vegas 57 took place June 25 at UFC APEX in Las Vegas. Top lightweight contenders Mateusz Gamrot and Arman Tsarukyan squared off in a five-round contest, which aired live on ESPN and ESPN+. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Gamrot vs. Tsarukyan, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Both men come out in orthodox and it’s a matter of time until we see some wrestling, as both men use it heavily. Tsarukyan starts with some kicks and we get after it quickly with Tsarukyan shooting a double, getting stuffed, and then Gamrot reshoots on him! Gamrot is deep on a single but Tsarukyan’s balance is excellent and he is able to hop out. Quick pace to start.

Back at range and Gamrot goes for a knee tap that he abandons quickly. Tsarukyan active on the feet with low kicks. Tsarukyan looks noticeably thicker than Gamrot and when Gamrot throws a kick of his own, Tsarukyan plows him over with a blast double. Gamrot backs to the fence and he’s working to his feet but a scramble! Tsarukyan holding on but a gramby roll from Gamrot and now he’s got a back body lock! More positional work but Tsarukyan is able to break the grip and we’re at space once more. Torrid pace.

A head kick just glances off Gamrot’s head but he’s none the worse for wear. Tsarukyan throwing a lot of kicks and Gamrot catches one. He tries to treetop Tsarukyan but the Armenian is so flexible and he just hops away. They reset and a big body kick from Tsarukyan. Gamrot shoots, Tsarukyan steps over and Gamrot immediately rolls through and he almost has the back but Tsarukyan is able to step out. Gamrot dives on an ankle but no joy and the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Tsarukyan.

Round 2: If these two men are the future of lightweight, the division is in good hands. That first round was electric.

Tsarukyan kicks to start and catches Gamrot as he’s stepping in. Gamrot tries to convert it into a takedown but he is getting nothing going with that against Tsarukyan. Gamrot is going to need to commit to striking because his focus on takedowns means he’s getting out-pointed by kicks.

A brief exchange as Gamrot seems to agree with this and wings an overhand right. Tsarukyan fires back with a combination. Tsarukyan is making Gamrot work everywhere and he lands a big body kick when Gamrot goes to southpaw. That one slapped.

Gamrot looks like he’s trying to figure out what to do now. He can’t get close enough to get good shots off and he also appears to be the slower fighter. Tsarukyan shoots a double but he gets sprawled. So Tsarukyan gets up and kicks the calf again.

Tsarukyan shoots another double but Gamrot is equal to it and then uses a whizzer to attempt a reversal. Tsarukyan holding position in a 50/50 and finally is able to break free. Back at range and Tsarukyan is kicking and kicking and Gamrot isn’t doing enough on the feet.

More kicks from Tsarukyan and Gamrot struggling to find a range he is comfortable in. Pace has slowed somewhat down the stretch and Gamrot lands a couple of good right hands as Tsarukyan pushes the pace on him before the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Tsarukyan, 20-18 Tsarukyan overall.

Round 3: Honestly, I kind of wish this was just a grappling match because the scrambles have been divine, the kickboxing merely okay.

Tsarukyan starts the third with an immediate body kick that lands heavy. They clinch but Gamrot can’t get anything. He does get off a good right hand on the break.

Gamrot staying further out now, taking the kicks away from Tsarukyan but Tsarukyan steps in with a left hand that lands hard. Gamrot drops for a leg but again he can’t get there. Gamrot now taking the lead and getting his boxing going. Jabs have started to succeed for him and he gets on the hips for a double and drags Tsarukyan down but Tsarukyan pops right back up. They’re along the fence now with Gamrot holding a back body lock while Tsarukyan tries to break free.

Gamrot staying sticky here and chipping away with knees to the hamstrings. Tsarukyan trying to get out but Gamrot is able to drag him down again and he gets a hook in this time! Tsarukyan looking like he might be tiring some but he’s back up and he’s able to work out of the position finally.

Tsarukyan coming forward now, perhaps feeling behind in the round. He shoots a bad double leg that Gamrot sprawls but Tsarukyan stays on one leg and now its Gamrot doing the balancing act. He’s able to though and lands a couple of right hands while doing so. Tsarukyan lands a spinning attack to the body big. Both men exchange with punches and land. Tsarukyan starting to load up, perhaps because he hasn’t been able to hurt Gamrot, but it’s getting him countered.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Gamrot, 29-28 Tsarukyan overall.

Round 4: At this point it appears that Gamrot is the better boxer, when he commits to it, but Tsarukyan has been able to keep him in kicking range and that’s where he’s made his money. But Gamrot has made some adjustments so we’ll see how that plays out in the championship rounds.

Gamrot takes charge to start and lands a big right hand. Tsarukyan fires back and Gamrot charges in and forces a clinch. Some in-fighting but nothing happens. When they break Tsarukyan lands a loose head kick. Gamrot lands a big right hand shortly after.

Gamrot lands another right hand. And a jab when Tsarukyan tries to throw some hands. Tsarukyan now cut under the left eye. A missed left hand leads to a backfist from Tsarukyan that lands and Gamrot drops for a leg but Tsarukyan has the sprawl. Gamrot staying on him though and he powers through and has the back driving Tsarukyan to the fence. Tsarukyan won’t go to ground though and he breaks the grip.

Gamrot is really starting to put on pressure now and Tsarukyan may be fading some. He’s certainly backing up more. Tsarukyan charges forward to back Gamrot off and lands a combo. Tsarukyan coming forward and lands a heavy body kick but Gamrot catches it and drives in for a takedown. Tsarukyan to a knee along the fence already and Gamrot holding the body lock. Mat return for Gamrot who gets a hook in this time and he’s in space!

Tsarukyan trying to get to the fence but Gamrot gets both hooks in and he’s got full back control. Tsarukyan scrambles and he’s now sitting against the fence with Gamrot on his hips when the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Gamrot, 38-38 overall.

Round 5: Tough to score but it feels like whoever wins the fifth wins the fight. 5 minutes for a lifetime.

Both looking fresh for their fifth round and Gamrot lands a big right hand to start. Tsarukyan chops a huge leg kick that puts Gamrot to the canvas. He’s up again though and lands a nice 1-2. Tsarukyan moving around and shoots a double that Gamrot stuffs easily.

Big exchange with Gamrot landing a power shot. Tsarukyan backing up and Gamrot shoots his best double of the night and passes right through to back control! Beautiful work! Tsarukyan already moving to the fence though and after some time he gets to his feet. Gamrot still holding the body lock but can’t get the takedown and Tsarukyan breaks free.

In space, Tsarukyan goes for an awful spinning back fist that Gamrot tries to shoot under but fails. Punches from both men. Tsarukyan steps in with some jabs but Gamrot lands a big right hand. Body kick from Tsarukyan. 2 minutes.

Exchange from both men. This is one hell of a scrap. Gamrot lands a big right. Tsarukyan lands two in return. Gamrot drives one a double but gets sprawled and now Tsarukyan is holding a front headlock. They separate.

Tsarukyan comes forward. Gamrot lands a right hand. Tsarukyan coming forward and lands a body kick. Gamrot lands a big jab. And a big right hand. Tsarukyan still marching forward. Gamrot drives a power double and finishes it! Tsarukyan to the fence and up but Gamrot on him and has the back. Tsarukyan tries to gramby roll but Gamrot is equal to it. Tsarukyan reverses position with 5 seconds and ends in sprawl position.

TREMENDOUS fight. Scores could be anywhere but...

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Gamrot, 48-47 Gamrot overall.

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