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Video: Aerdake Apaer’s perfectly timed knockout kick leaves opponent stiff on the mat

Aerdake Apaer may have raised the bar for kick knockouts for the rest of 2022.

At a Jue Cheng King in Haikou, China, on Saturday, Apaer landed one of the most perfectly timed spin kicks you will ever see, landing heel to chin on an advancing Yang Guoxu to end their fight just 27 seconds into the opening round.

Watch the unbelievable knockout strike above.

Utilizing what looked to be an almost supernatural read of his opponent’s movements, the Chinese welterweight spun just as Yang ducked in to attack. The precise strike landed right on the button and Yang instantly froze before dropping limp to the mat. Apaer briefly approached to follow up on the incredible blow, but pulled up as the referee stepped in to wave off the bout.

Neither Apaer nor Yang entered this bout with much experience, as Apaer picks up his first win to improve to 1-2 as a pro while Yang falls to 1-2 with the loss.

JCK events are available to stream on UFC Fight Pass.

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