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UFC Vegas 57 video: Thiago Moises sinks in one-armed rear-naked choke to finish Christos Giagos in first round

Thiago Moises showcased a nasty grappling game to put away Christos Giagos at UFC Vegas 57.

It only took a single takedown followed by a slick transition to jump on the back for Moises to begin fishing for submissions. Moises eventually latched onto a one-arm rear naked choke with the grip so tight that Giagos had no choice but to tap out while he was still standing on his feet.

The end came just 3:05 into the first round. Watch the finish above.

Afterwards, Moises was proud that he got to show off his submission skills and he wasted no time calling his shot for a future fight.

“I’m glad that I could show a little bit of my jiu-jitsu tonight,” Moises said. “His neck, he was lifting his neck so I had the opportunity with the other arm. It was a one-arm choke.

Joe Solecki, I want to fight you next. Don’t hide, let’s go.”

As the fight started, Moises wasted no time closing the distance, working his way into the clinch before bringing Giagos down to the ground. A lighting-quick takedown followed by an even faster transition on the canvas that allowed Moises to actually hop on the back with Giagos scrambling to get to the feet with the submission specialist locked onto him.

Moises wrapped his legs around the waist as he continued to fight for position with his hands so he could lock up the rear-naked choke while Giagos desperately tried to break free.

The battle for position eventually went Moises’ way as he slipped an arm under the chin and then tightened his grip with an unmistakable grimace creeping across Giagos’ face as he tapped out just a split second later.

The submission put Moises back on track after back-to-back losses and now he has Solecki — 4-1 in the UFC — in his sights.

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