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Video: Joe Lauzon says he’s recovered from knee dislocation that nixed Donald Cerrone fight at UFC Austin

UFC 274 official weigh-in at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix, AZ Photo by Hans Gutknecht/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

Joe Lauzon again missed out on his chance to fight Donald Cerrone, but the good news is that the health issue that caused him to withdraw from UFC Austin proved to be a minor scare.

The UFC announced Saturday that the Lauzon vs. Cerrone co-main event was cancelled after Lauzon suffered a mysterious knee injury. Lauzon was absent from Friday’s ceremonial weigh-ins and later explained that his knee locked up earlier that day at the official weigh-ins as he was putting on socks after stepping off the scale. It was the second time the bout was cancelled after Cerrone was ruled out of UFC 274 due to his own health scare.

On Saturday evening, Lauzon provided an update on his condition via Instagram, showing he is recovered.

“So you can’t make this up, but my knee works again,” Lauzon said. “Someone sent me a video maybe an hour ago on Instagram about like, ‘This sounds like something I deal with with my knee. You should check out this video.’ And it was 100 percent, everything was exactly the problem I was having.

“It was called a ‘tib-fib dislocation.’ So basically the bones in my leg were dislocated. That’s why we couldn’t get it back. So I did the exercise in the video and it popped back in. It’s insane. My leg fully works. I’m able to to hop, walk, jump. I literally could not put socks on, I couldn’t lift my foot off the bed, I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t put any weight on it, I couldn’t do anything the last day and a half. I had to try and hobble and I couldn’t even hop on one foot because I couldn’t take my foot shaking. It was horrible.

The originally scheduled UFC Austin co-main event featured two of the lightweight division’s stalwarts with Cerrone making his 38th UFC appearance and Lauzon making his 28th.

Lauzon hoped that once he’d recovered there was still a way for the bout to be added back on to Saturday’s lineup.

“I wish I had this video yesterday or this morning before our fight got called off. We contacted the UFC, we tried to make it, to see if Cowboy was still around we could still fight. But it was too late. I think he’s at the fights, but the UFC said we couldn’t do it, so it sucks.

“Sorry to everyone again, this whole entire situation super sucks. I don’t now what’s going to happen. We’ll see.”

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