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UFC 275 results: Jack Della Maddalena crushes Ramazan Emeev with brutal body shot to earn first-round finish

UFC 275: Della Maddalena v Emeev Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Two fights into his UFC career and Jack Della Maddalena is already putting together quite a highlight reel.

The Australian prospect capped off his fight at UFC 275 with a brutal body shot to put Ramazan Emeev down in the first round before delivering a few more punches as the referee jumped in to rescue the Dagestani welterweight.

The official stoppage came at 2:32 in the first round with Della Maddelena scoring his second knockout victory inside the octagon.

An early takedown from Emeev transitioned into an anaconda choke that looked tight for a moment but Della Maddalena kept moving and scrambling before eventually slipping free from the submission.

Once he got back on his feet, Della Maddelena showed incredible urgency as he swarmed Emeev with punches as he went up top to the head and then back down to the body.

Ultimately it was a hook to the midsection that crumbled Emeev and sent him down to the canvas with The Contender Series veteran continuing to punish him until the referee saw enough to stop the fight.

“It was good,” Della Maddalena said about his win. “I knew I was going to get out [of the submission], it would just take time. That’s the game isn’t it? If anyone pulls out tonight, I’m ready to go!”

Now 2-0 in his young UFC career, Della Maddalena has made it clear that he wants to fight often while asking for the toughest competition the promotion can give him. His latest performance seems to prove he’s ready for whoever gets thrown at him next.

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