On a scale of 1-10.... that weight miss was an 11

Hello MMAF'ers

May 7th is finally here. Bleach blonde chucky was primed to have a title defense for the ages. His opponent has been described as a brawler whom creates "car crashes" in the pocket. Everything was going good in the lead up...until a scale fiasco upended EVERYTHING!! I mean , we have seen last minute pull outs, cord trips, tiramisu mishaps, covid,irish men throwing dollys..... but this seems far worse then any of the mentioned transgressions. So much uncertainty.

Justin seems to be fairly grouchy about it all. (To be fair he was cutting weight so theres some room for nonsense from him)

But charles was royally shafted. Purse, ppv points, stripped of title,and can not retain said title.

This topic has caused chaos and dissent in the forum.

People have been passionate about it. So much so the threads are crashing.

Either way this fight will still be a banger. Everything has changed while nothing has changed at the same time.

Fisticuffs are incoming.

Brace yourself.


whos fault was this?

Chuck&team. ◻

That pesky scale. ◻

Answer below MMAF'ers!!!!