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Cain Velasquez granted new bail hearing in May, plea hearing pushed back to June

Cain Velasquez... Photo by Aric Crabb/MediaNews Group/East Bay Times via Getty Images

Cain Velasquez will go back before a judge in hopes that he’ll be released from jail while awaiting trial on attempted murder charges.

Velasquez appeared in Santa Clara County court on Friday where Judge Jose Franco granted him another bail hearing, which is now set on May 16.

He was denied bail during his initial arraignment on March 7.

Velasquez appeared for the brief hearing and he made a heart symbol with his hands for the supporters in the gallery before being led out of the courtroom.

The ex-UFC heavyweight champion was arrested back in February after he allegedly engaged in an 11-mile high speed chase while firing multiple rounds of a .40 caliber handgun at a vehicle carrying Harry Goularte, who is accused of molesting a close family member of Velasquez.

Goularte had been released on bail in his own criminal court case despite objections from the district attorney.

Velasquez allegedly chased Goularte along with his mother and stepfather, who was ultimately hit with a stray bullet before being taken to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Police later stopped Velasquez and he was arrested without incident before being charged with multiple felonies including attempted, premeditated murder.

During his initial hearing, Judge Shelyna Brown condemned Velasquez’s actions while remanding him back to custody while awaiting trial.

“It is clear to this court that there is clear and convincing evidence that there is a substantial likelihood that release would result in great bodily injury, not just to the named complaining witnesses in this case but to Santa Clara residents at large,” Judge Brown said. “This case involves allegations of extreme recklessness to human life.

“Ramming a vehicle in the middle of the day where are citizens are out driving, going about their business and shooting out of a car at other individuals, which is reckless by any standard. Anyone could have been injured. Anyone could have been killed and when this court looks at article 1, section 12, it is this level of risk that the court must take into consideration. With that said, this court is making the ruling that the risk is too great and that there will be no bail set at this time.”

Velasquez’s attorney Mark Geragos argued at the time that his client wasn’t a flight risk and that he should be allowed to return home to his family while awaiting trial. Now, the retired mixed martial artist will get a second bail hearing in May with hopes that he’ll be able to secure his release.

As far as the next stage in his criminal proceedings, Velasquez also had his plea hearing pushed back after Judge Franco granted a continuance until June 10.

At that time, Velasquez will make a formal plea on the charges against him but this is the second continuance granted in his case following his arrest in March.

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