Sofisticuffs fanpost #3. Back. In. Your. Life.

Well MMAF'ers, its been too long without a fanpost dedicated to this subject.....

Whats up with the comments sections glitching out? I always just thought Liddell was complaining to complain. Or that he just had a garbage phone with viruses. But as it turns out LM was being truthful the whole time.

A while back Losowsky came around (he built the platform) and said change was coming. He was gonna fix it. We had hope. No glitching, no live threads bogged down and held hostage by my gif "spamming"

It was a glorious day.....

But the fix didn't work. I mean, we still got blue font for a day and i will never forget that time in my life. But all wounds are not healed by blue font, and the glitching seemed to get worse then before.

Losowsky if you are out there, chime in. We NEED you .

Does everyone have these glitchy issues? Or did liddell give me a virus?


closing thoughts:


Do You like the new system?



(Answer below, my poll formatting skills are lacking)