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Floyd Mayweather dominates overmatched Don Moore in lopsided exhibition, teases another fight in 2022

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather is retired from his professional boxing career but he’s still having a lot of fun beating up overmatched opponents in exhibition bouts around the world.

In his latest showcase, Mayweather punished Don Moore over eight rounds as he put on a show in front of a crowd in Abu Dhabi while undoubtedly taking home another massive payday for his efforts. There were several moments where it appeared Mayweather was close to putting Moore away but ultimately he only scored one knockdown from a nasty body shot in the final round.

Afterwards, Mayweather paid credit to Moore for his incredible toughness while adding that he plans to return to Abu Dhabi for another exhibition, although he didn’t want to reveal the name of his opponent just yet.

“I told the fans I’m here to entertain, have fun,” Mayweather said. “Don Moore, he’s undefeated, a great fighter. He’ll always be a champion in my heart. I will bring another fight [to Abu Dhabi] this year. Absolutely [I will return this year].

“It’s a secret. I don’t want to let the cat out the bag right now but we have an opponent.”

Known as a slow starter throughout his career, Mayweather was smiling and essentially playing games with Moore, who was clearly overmatched from the first punch thrown. Every time Moore tried to put together a combination of punches, Mayweather shrugged him off and then fired back with lightning quick counters.

At times, Mayweather employed his classic shoulder roll defense at the moments when Moore would come forward, flicking at him with jabs. By the middle of the third round, Mayweather was taunting Moore while also attempting to change the fight to three-minute rounds so he could have a little bit more time to work.

Obviously, the fight rules didn’t change but nothing would have been surprising after Mayweather managed to pull off a change of location for his bout on less than a week’s notice.

Mayweather continued to chip away at Moore’s defense with a slick lead jab and then unloading with left and right hooks in succession. Midway through the fifth round, Mayweather was just blasting away at a completely overmatched Moore, who was eating a lot of punches while constantly on his backfoot trying to stay away.

As Mayweather continued to toy with Moore, the commentators stated that he often used psychological warfare to inflict damage on his opponents and the undefeated retired boxer actually stopped throwing punches for a moment to tell them “I do that.” As further proof that he was just out there enjoying himself, Mayweather actually took the seventh round card from the ring girl and he carried it around rather than resting in his corner.

When he actually started throwing punches again, Mayweather was just obliterating his opponent as he walked Moore down, hammered him with stiff uppercuts and then swinging huge hooks trying to score the knockout. Finally in the eighth and final round, Mayweather scored his first knockdown with a devastating left hook to the body.

Moore got back to his feet with time running out as Mayweather backed him to the corner and just started launching bombs. It looked like Mayweather may get the finish but Moore covered up enough to make it until the final bell rang.

At 45, Mayweather won’t be taking professional bouts any longer but he’s certainly enjoying his retirement with these exhibition bouts. After demolishing Tenshin Nasukawa and putting on a spectacle with Logan Paul that earned blockbuster numbers on pay-per-view, Mayweather has now added Moore to his resume with all signs pointing to another matchup coming before 2022 is over.

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