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Video: Ringside photographer rescues boxer after he’s brutally knocked out through the ropes

A ringside photographer stopped snapping pictures long enough to rescue a boxer who fell out of the ring after he was brutally knocked out on Saturday night.

John “Scrappy” Ramirez delivered the combination that blasted opponent Jan Salvatierra and sent him through the ring ropes in their super flyweight bout on DAZN.

Salvatierra fell backwards through the ring ropes and he would have surely gone crashing to the floor if not for a photographer who grabbed the boxer and actually cradled his neck as he fell down to the platform below.

Judging by the force of the fall, Salvatierra could have faced even worse injuries after the knockout, but thankfully the photographer was there to save the day.

Check out the video above to see the fast hands from the photographer catching Salvatierra as he fell from the ring after the knockout.

An alternate angle of the brutal finish can be seen below.

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