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Shakur Stevenson vs. Oscar Valdez full fight video highlights

Oscar Valdez v Shakur Stevenson Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Watch Shakur Stevenson vs. Oscar Valdez full fight video highlights from the Stevenson vs. Valdez main event on Saturday night, courtesy of Top Rank Boxing and other outlets.

WBO super featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson (18-0, 9 KOs) collided against WBC super featherweight champion Oscar Valdez (30-1, 23 KOs) with the vacant The Ring super featherweight title on the line at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The bout aired live on ESPN+.

Catch the video highlights below.

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Round 1: Valdez feints a couple times early and then falls short on a jab to the body. Valdez continues to press forward behind a tight guard and feints more and Stevenson meets him with some shots that make partial contact. Valdez falls reaching on a body shot with his glove touching the canvas. Valdez falls again after he wings a big hook and misses. Stevenson boxing at range as he tries to counter Valdez’s aggression. Stevenson stabs the body with a left hand. Straight left lands to the body for Stevenson, who then tries a right hook downstairs. Straight left lands well for Stevenson this time. Valdez falling short on his punches as he throws a combination. Stevenson 10-9.

Round 2: Stevenson working his jab from range to establish the distance he wants to fight at, which is distance where Valdez can’t land. Right hand to the body falls short for Valdez. Three punches from Stevenson don’t land clean. Stevenson goes to the body again with a straight left hand. Now Stevenson lands a left hook to the head. Straight left from Stevenson picks off Valdez, who then lands a body shot. Valdez jumps in with a hook to the body but can’t land it clean. Stevenson tries to lead with a left hand upstairs and then uses some lateral movement to keep distance. Valdez touches the body with a couple punches here. Stevenson 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Stevenson leads with a measuring jab as he sets the range to start this round. Jab partially lands for Valdez for maybe the first time. Valdez presses Stevenson towards the ropes and tries to land a left to the body which makes some contact. Now Valdez lands a straight right hand upstairs on Stevenson. Valdez defends a three punch combination from Stevenson. Right hand falls short from Valdez this time and Stevenson lands a counter. Valdez comes back with a body shot but Stevenson pivots back to center ring and creates space for himself. Right hand lead lands upstairs for Valdez. Valdez just misses on an uppercut. Stevenson lands a low blow which draws a warning. Valdez 10-9, 28-29.

Round 4: Valdez feints and then comes in and misses a left hook aimed for the head. Valdez ducks a left hand from Stevenson. Stevenson throwing shots but a lot of them are landing on Valdez’s gloves, but Valdez isn’t throwing back much right now. Straight left lands to the body for Stevenson. Valdez charges in with a double right hand and then tries to work both hands once he gets Stevenson to the ropes but he can’t get much clean work done. Stevenson jabs to the body. Straight left lands clean to the body this time. Left hook targets the body for Valdez. Stevenson 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Stevenson tries a left hand lead and Valdez comes back with a right hand lead in response. Stevenson stabs the body again with a straight left hand. Straight right from Valdez makes contact this time. Valdez comes down to the body with a short combination. Stevenson tries a right hook to the body that doesn’t land clean. Stevenson lands a jab but gets warned for continuing to stiff arm his fist in Valdez’s face. Hard left hand lands clean for Stevenson, who then touches the body with a left hand moments later. Stevenson lets a few more punches fly until the bell rings. Stevenson 10-9, 49-46.

Round 6: Quick timeout because Valdez doesn’t have his mouthpiece in to start the round. Now we’re back in action and Stevenson gets back to working his punches from range before landing a nice counter hook that puts Valdez down! Valdez gets up and is ready to continue. Straight left lands clean for Stevenson. Stevenson is working both hands and touches Valdez to the head and body. Straight left lands clean to the body for Stevenson. Stevenson tries an uppercut but can’t land that one clean, then pierces the guard with a straight left. Valdez lands a straight right hand in return here but his clean punching is coming fewer and further between. Left hook from Valdez touches the body but Stevenson comes right back with three punches. Valdez’s face is pretty red here. Stevenson 10-8, 59-54.

Round 7: Valdez comes out pressing and then tries a couple punches but gets smothered by Stevenson. Stevenson starts working his jab and then uses his legs to maintain his preferred distance. Valdez falls short on a lead right hand. Valdez throws several right hands in a row and makes partial contact. Uppercut from Stevenson lands clean on the chin. Valdez lands a shot back on Stevenson but can’t keep the momentum. Stevenson pierces the guard of Valdez with a left. Stevenson gets warned for the tenth time for holding with his extended jab. Stevenson 10-9, 69-63.

Round 8: Stevenson pops a jab and then circles the ring a bit and then ties up Valdez on the inside. Three quick punches come from Stevenson as Valdez covers up. Right hand from Valdez doesn’t land clean but makes contact. Shot from Stevenson strays low but the referee doesn’t see it. Stevenson sticks a left uppercut and then works the jab again. Straight right from Valdez makes contact upstairs. Another straight right lead from Valdez lands and Stevenson jousts with his lead hand again and gets another warning for the tactic but it doesn’t seem like referee Kenny Bayless will bring himself to actually ever take a point. Stevenson counters off the ropes and lands clean. Stevenson rolling here. Stevenson 10-9, 79-72.

Round 9: Trainer Eddy Reynoso wants Valdez to bring an overhand right on Stevenson. Stevenson misses on a counter as Valdez presses forward. Four body punches come from Valdez with his right hand but it doesn’t seem like he gets much clean work in. Stevenson lands a hard left to the body. Valdez loops a hook but can’t land it clean. Uppercut from Stevenson lands clean to the chin. Two clean punches land well for Stevenson. Straight left hand lands clean for Stevenson this time. Valdez lands a right hand but takes a hard body shot in return. Stevenson 10-9, 89-81.

Round 10: Stevenson measures with his jab to start the round and Valdez tries to rattle off some body punches but can’t land much of anything of significance. Right hook lands for Valdez at the end of a combination. Valdez misses on his first punch but makes some contact with the follow up. Valdez throws more body shots while Stevenson defends. Straight right from Valdez makes contact upstairs. Right hand from Valdez scores as Stevenson seems to be taking this round off. Valdez 10-9, 91-98.

Round 11: Stevenson has a small mouse under his left eye from Valdez’s right hands but it doesn’t look like anything too serious. Valdez misses on a wide right hook to start the round. Left hand from Stevenson makes contact upstairs. Stevenson goes to the body with a straight left. Valdez missing on some punches here as he tries to come forward on Stevenson. Left hand counter lands for Stevenson. Three punches land for Stevenson who jousts with his jab again and gets a ‘hard warning’ from the referee this time. Right land to the body for Valdez but Stevenson comes right back. Quick combination comes from Stevenson again. Stevenson 10-9, 108-100.

Round 12: Last round and Valdez needs to do something huge here to turn things around. Stevenson jabs and moves and then smothers Valdez on the inside before he can get anything off. Right hand lead from Valdez makes partial contact. Stevenson complains to the referee about a low blow. Stevenson dances on the outside of the ring as he tries to run out the clock and the crowd doesn’t like that very much. Stevenson lands some short punches on the inside. Stevenson comes forward and lands a couple of clean hard shots to the head. Valdez tries to go to the body but Stevenson blocks and fires back. Stevenson 10-9, making it a wide 118-109 on my card.

Official Scores: Shakur Stevenson wins unanimous decision, 117-110, 118-109, and 118-109

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