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Errol Spence Jr. vs. Yordenis Ugas full fight video highlights

Errol Spence Jr v Yordenis Ugas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Watch Errol Spence Jr. vs. Yordenis Ugas full fight video highlights from the Spence Jr. vs. Ugas main event on Saturday night, courtesy of Showtime Sports and other outlets.

WBC and IBF champion Errol Spence Jr. (28-0, 21 KOs) and WBA champion Yordenis Ugas (27-5, 12 KOs) collided in a welterweight unification matchup at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The bout aired live on Showtime pay-per-view.

Catch the video highlights below.

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Round 1: Spence pawing with that southpaw jab. Ugas putting feelers out with his own jab. Good jab by Spence upstairs, Ugas responds with a jab downstairs. Body shot by Spence. Counter body shot by Ugas. Spence targeting Ugas’ midsection a little bit more. Right hand by Ugas grazes Spence to the head. Ugas body shot. Counter left by Ugas to end the round. 10-9 Ugas.

Round 2: Spence damn near going for a takedown there on Ugas. Decent work by the Cuban on the Texan. A 1-2 by Spence but Ugas blocks it. They trade body shots on the inside. Roundhouse right by Ugas is blocked. Two body punches by Spence. Straight left by Spence but he gets countered by Ugas. Good combination by Spence. 19-19.

Round 3: Counter straight left by Spence and then he goes down to the body. Spence starting to turn up the heat a bit. Ugas firing a midsection punch. Good left by Spence and Ugas throws and connects on a hook. But Spence now trying to tee off on Ugas and he scores with an uppercut. Spence upping the aggression. Ugas maintaining a high guard but getting outworked and outlanded this round. Ugas warned for pushing the head down. Right hand lands for Ugas but it’s more of a slap. Good action in this one. Right hook and then a left to the body. Ugas with a slick combination and then a right hand! That caught Spence clean. Spence goes back to jabbing and attacking the body. Ugas I think steals the round late. 29-28 Ugas.

Round 4: Spence starts the round jabbing, then missing to the head but landing to the body. More effective countering by Ugas. Short uppercuts by Spence. Right hook to the body by Spence. Ugas retaliates with the same punch. This is a hell of a pace being set. Hard right hand by Ugas. Ripping body shots but a little low so Spence is warned. Straight left by Spence. Left by Spence skims off of Ugas’ glove. Good defense by Spence. Ugas misses a right. Jab by Spence. 38-38.

Round 5: Spence tattooing Ugas’ body and doing so with ferocity. He’s in a rhythm now and Ugas has dropped these last two frames. Ugas having his moments here and there but he’s offensively outgunned. He got in an uppercut but is getting outworked by the unified champ. 48-47 Spence.

Round 6: Straight left to the head and body and a right hook to the body by Spence. This is going to wear Ugas down at this rate. Ugas’ right eye is starting to swell. More brutal body work by Spence. Crunching uppercut by Spence. Right hook to the body. Big r ight hand by Spence and Spence loses his mouthpiece! Action continues and Spence gets rocked! He can’t call his own timeout! He got knocked into the ropes. Ugas stops throwing and now the ref puts the mouthpiece back in. Crowd booing. Spence catches a break. That’s the most I think he’s ever been hurt. Another right hand by Ugas. Spence with an uppercut and then a two-piece to the body. What a round this is! Devastating body shots by Spence! Ugas firing back! This is going to be an interesting round to score. Two more body shots by Spence. 57-57.

Round 7: The grueling pace continues. Straight left by Spence. Hard uppercut. Ugas is hurt! Ugas is hurt! He’s wobbled! Another uppercut! Left hand! Spence is stalking Ugas. He’s in survival mode and his right eye is getting worse! Inside uppercut by “The Truth”! Spence doubling up the jab. Right hook by Spence misses. Ugas seemingly getting his legs underneath him again. Triple body shot attack by Spence! This is breaking Ugas down! Bug a big right hand by Ugas! Spence answers back! Good god what a fight this has been! Left to the body and to the head backs Ugas up! Big round for Spence! 67-66 Spence.

Round 8: Uppercut by Spence and then more body work. Ugas is getting battered to the body but he’s still there. Short uppercuts continue for Spence. Right hook to the body. Left hand downstairs. Spence now pressuring and wearing Ugas down. Laurence Cole warns Spence for low blows much to the disbelief and annoyance of the crowd. That uppercut is money for Spence. This is brilliant stuff from Spence! Ugas in trouble! Laurence Cole has the doctor check Ugas’ right eye. Will this end the fight? Doc is satisfied. The fight continues! Two uppercuts! Spence is teeing off. One-way traffic now. Ugas struggling to get any shots off. Left hand to that compromised eye! Another big round for Spence. 77-75 Spence.

Round 9: Spence on the front foot and pressuring Ugas right away. Ugas having to keep that high guard but Spence is splitting that guard with the uppercut and then firing hooks to the body. This is masterful. Right hand by Ugas is blocked. More body attacking. Cole is warning Spence for body shots again. Ugas is tired and getting worked over. Hard right hooks by Spence. Ugas with a short combo. Spence walking through it. Ugas clubbed with another hook. Ugas with a right hand to the body. More body shots by Spences. Ugas returns in kind but with only one shot. Ugas is trying what he can but Spence is putting on a clinic. Straight right by Ugas. 87-84 Spence.

Round 10: These body shots by Spence are hellacious. Ugas in all likelihood needs multiple knockdowns and more likely a knockout to win. And Ugas gets hurt again. That eye is bothering him big time. Spence is unrelenting. Huge uppercut by Spence. Ugas may be on his last legs. Good right by Ugas but he’s only landing single punches. Doctor is called upon again as Ugas continues to eat massive shots to that right eye. AND THIS TIME IT IS STOPPED! Errol Spence Jr now has three of the four major welterweight titles in boxing! Only Terence Crawford stands in the way of undisputed status.

Errol Spence Jr def. Yordenis Ugas by TKO at 1:44 of Round 10 to become the WBC, WBA, and IBF welterweight champion

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