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Bellator 277: Vadim Nemkov still champ after Corey Anderson’s accidental head-butt forces no-contest

Bellator’s light heavyweight grand prix remains up for grabs after an accidental clash of heads resulted in the final between champ Vadim Nemkov and Corey Anderson being declared a no-contest in Bellator 277’s headliner.

Anderson had taken side control and was attempting to punch the downed champ when he missed, and his forward momentum took his head right into the brow of Nemkov. Anderson immediately complained of a clash of heads, and referee Frank Trigg called in a cageside doctor to check a nasty gash on Nemkov’s left brow.

Check out the sequence below.

The doctor took one look at the cut and called off the fight. Because less than three rounds had elapsed in the five-round fight, a no-contest was required as not enough rounds had elapsed for a score. When he realized the outcome of the title bout, Anderson reacted angrily, throwing his water bottle across the cage.

Later, the champ and still-challenger squared off after the bout was announced as a no-contest to the boos of the audience. The $1 million prize offered to the tourney’s winner will not be awarded just yet, though Anderson was scheduled to take home a higher purse than the champ on paper.

According to official scorecards posted by Bellator, the fight was tied 19-19 on scorecards before the unfortunate ending. The American used his wrestling to gain several takedowns and score points from top position as Nemkov struggled to right himself.

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