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Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Tagoe full fight video highlights


Watch Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Tagoe full fight video highlights from the main event clash Saturday night, courtesy of DAZN.

Ryan Garcia (22-0) made his much-anticipated return to the ring against Emmanuel Tagoe (32-2) at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. It was a non-title fight.

Watch all the fight highlights below.

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GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 1

Garcia takes center ring and quickly stalks Tagoe before unloading two big punches early. Garcia looks much, much bigger than Garcia in the ring. Garcia stalks and lets go on a jab. I can’t overstate how small Tagoe looks compared to Garcia. Garcia has no feat of what Tagoe is bringing to the table. Right to the body lands for Garcia. Tagoe effectively running around the ring as fast as he can. Right hand follows a left from Garcia, making partial contact. Right hand lead lands for Garcia, then one to the body. Tagoe on full retreat.

Garcia 10-9.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 2

Tagoe’s corner has his face lathered up with vaseline to start this round. Garcia comes out stalking, trying to line up a fight ending punch. Tagoe looking for any escape route he can find as he doesn’t want to stand in front of Garcia for even a moment. Garcia misses on two big head shots as Tagoe gets low. Tagoe partially lands a jab to the head and gets no his bike. Right hand lands hard for Garcia and Tagoe is shook up. Tagoe goes down on what looked like was a push while he was staggered. Jab lands clean for Garcia. Tagoe lands a jab but is back along the ropes and is looking to hold any time Garcia gets close enough.

Garcia 10-8, 20-17.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 3

Replay shows it was a punch that put Tagoe down and not a push in the last round, fair enough. Ryan covering up and applying tremendous pressure on Tagoe. Uppercut from Garcia makes partial contact. Now Garcia lands one down to the body. Hard right hand lands down to the body for Garcia now. Garcia lands another uppercut and Tagoe is running from corner to corner. Two body shots land for Garcia this time, then a chopping right. Garcia tries to time a left uppercut that doesn’t find the mark this time.

Garcia 10-9, 30-26.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 4

Garcia comes straight after Tagoe and Garcia throws two punches and Tagoe looks to hold. Right hook to the body lands for Garcia. Garcia throws a short combination and Tagoe is purely on the defensive. Big right hand from Garcia just misses upstairs. Two more body shots come from Garcia. Tagoe is hardly throwing back for the most part. Tagoe is here to survive, not to win.

Garcia 10-9, 40-35.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 5

Right hand from Garcia lands upstairs, then lands one down to the body moments later. Garcia pops a jab upstairs. Right hand from Tagoe lands clean upstairs but Garcia fires back with two hooks to the body. Garcia unloads another combination as Tagoe covers up in the corner.

Garcia 10-9, 50-44.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 6

Garcia throws a combination that doesn’t land well. Tagoe pokes a jab to the body and Garcia responds with two hooks downstairs. Three more punches come from Garcia with mixed success. Tagoe gets caught with a right hook to the body. Another short combination comes from Garcia. Garcia chops a right hand upstairs, then another that makes Tagoe smirk. Tagoe pops his jab a couple times now.

Garcia 10-9, 60-52.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 7

Garcia stalking and misses on two big punches aimed at the head. Right hand to the body makes contact for Garcia. Left hook lands for Tagoe as Garcia walks right in. Two more body shot come from Garcia, who then adds a right to the head. Garcia puts together a few punches during an aggressive stretch, trying to put this fight away. Right lands to the body for Garcia. Two more body shots come from Garcia.

Garcia 10-9, 70-62.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 8

Left hook from Garcia makes partial contact upstairs. Right hand from Garcia catches Tagoe to the head and Tagoe tries to ride the follow up assault along the ropes. Left makes partial contact for Garcia along the ropes. Right hand from Garcia might’ve staggered Tagoe slightly.

Garcia 10-9, 80-71.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 9

Garcia throws punches but Tagoe getting low and trying to stay under the punches. Hard left to the body lands well for Garcia. Hard left lands down to the body again for Garcia. Garcia starts landing some better punches here and Tagoe is having a harder time keeping distance. Right hand lands clean for Garcia upstairs. Two more hard shots land for Garcia, who then tries to lean on Tagoe to help wear on his legs. Right hand from Garcia makes contact one again upstairs.

Garcia 10-9, 90-80.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 10

Garcia comes out pressing Tagoe who tries to meet him with punches but he doesn’t seem to have any power that Garcia has to worry about. Left hook from Garcia makes solid contact, then a hard right that badly staggers Tagoe who holds on for dear life! Garcia tries to finish Tagoe off but misses on a lunging left hook. Right hand from Garcia lands but not with full power as Tagoe pulls off the punch a little. Left hook from Garcia makes better contact this time.

Garcia 10-9, 100-89.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 11

Tagoe moving along the ropes as Garcia tries to find the fight ending punch. Tagoe lands a jab upstairs. Left hook from Garcia makes partial contact to the head and Tagoe gets on his bike, holds, does whatever he can to stop the action.

Garcia 10-9, 110-98.

GARCIA vs TAGOE: Round 12

Well, if there was any doubt Tagoe would do whatever it takes to make it to the final bell he starts the round by holding multiple times. Tagoe ducking low , holding, throws two shots, then looks to hold again. Left hook from Garcia lands hard upstairs. Right hand lead makes contact again for Garcia. Garcia tries to line up another big right hand but can’t land it because Tagoe is fully committed to avoiding punches by any means necessary.

Garcia 10-9, making it a shutout on my card, 120-107.
Garcia wins on scores of 118-109, 119-108, and 119-108.

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