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Video: UFC’s April Fool’s Day prank spooks Cody Garbrandt, Forrest Griffin, staff

The UFC likes to keep its fighters on their toes, especially on April Fool’s Day.

This year, the promotion commemorated the annual celebration of silliness by replacing a statue in their headquarters with an employee in the hopes of scaring up a good time. Sure enough, several UFC fighters and staff were caught on camera getting spooked by the suddenly animated figure, including Cody Garbrandt, Forrest Griffin, Claudia Gadelha, Donald Cerrone, and Jessica Andrade.

Watch video of the stunned reactions to the prank above.

While the fighters manage to keep their composure for the most part (Garbrandt definitely jumps and Griffin looks as if he was ready to throw down if it came to it), the reactions from UFC employees Dave Shaw and Lenee Breckenridge guarantee that they will eyeing that statue closely from now on.

Of course, the UFC’s athletes aren’t above getting up to their own mischief on April Fool’s Day as both Angela Hill and Michael Chiesa announced pregnancies (to varying degrees of credibility):

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