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Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington involved in alleged altercation at Miami restaurant

UFC 272 Press Conference Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Just weeks after facing each other at UFC 272, Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington got into an alleged altercation outside a restaurant in Miami Beach, Fla.

Multiple sources confirmed to MMA Fighting that the fighters were involved in some sort of incident that ended with police responding to the restaurant, although it doesn’t appear any arrests were made.

Following the alleged incident, TMZ obtained video that showed Covington outside the restaurant surrounded by police while he was also speaking to Bob Menery from the group The Nelk Boys, who have become frequent guests at UFC events.

In the video, Covington can be heard saying “how would he know I’m here?,” which seemingly references Masvidal.

Menery had posted video with Covington from earlier in the night while they were at dinner before the altercation with Masvidal took place outside.

Miami Beach Police have not yet responded for comment on the situation.

Fox Sports 640 radio personality Andy Slater first reported news of the incident on Monday night via Twitter.

After the altercation happened, Masvidal released a video on Twitter where he appeared to address the situation.

“Call this the show your face challenge,” Masvidal said. “What’s up, I’m from Dade county. You talk that s*** you’ve got to back it up. That’s how my city rolls.”

Masvidal also linked to another account on Instagram for a friend who was apparently with him with the altercation happened. On that account, Suleiman Yousef posted a note that said “for everyone in my DM’s, ask Colby for a selfie right now.”

Masvidal’s manager Malki Kawa also weighed in on the alleged incident.

Of course, Masvidal and Covington have engaged in one of the nastiest rivalries in recent years after they were previously friends and training partners out of American Top Team in Fla.

Covington eventually split with the team after their friendship turned volatile, which Masvidal claims started after the former UFC interim welterweight champion refused to pay one of his coaches who had helped him during a training camp. Covington refuted that claim but the blow up with Masvidal only spiraled further out of control in recent months.

The rivalry eventually culminated in a fight with Covington earning a unanimous decision over Masvidal at UFC 272. Afterwards, Masvidal promised that his bad blood with Covington was far from settled and he intended to continue their war on the streets the next time they ran into each other.

“He’s still somebody that if I see him out in the streets, I’m going to give him everything I’ve got to break his f**** jaw,” Masvidal said at the post-fight press conference. “It doesn’t matter if I lost wrestling scrambles tonight, I still think he’s a f***** p****, you know?”

MMA Fighting will follow up with more details surrounding the situation as it becomes available.

Update: Masvidal tweeted this out Tuesday morning.

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