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UFC London video: Paddy Pimblett wraps up rear-naked choke to tap out Kazula Vargas, trashes Mark Zuckerberg

Paddy Pimblett continued to build his star status at UFC London with another impressive finish to dispatch Kazula Vargas in the first round.

The victory didn’t come easy with Vargas putting up a valiant fight but once Pimblett secured a takedown and transitioned to latch onto his opponent’s back, he was quick to lock up the rear-naked choke. Vargas tried to resist but with the submission only getting tighter, he was forced to tap out with the end coming at 3:49 in the first round.

“It wasn’t as clean as I like but are you not entertained?” Pimblett shouted to the crowd. “I’m never ever, ever in a boring fight. I have to get a punch to the face to wake up. See this arena, too small. Get me a stadium. Get me to Anfield and we’ll fill it!”

In an attempt to put the momentum in his favor, Vargas was the one who got off to a quick start with a punch that tagged Pimblett before bringing the fight down to the ground. On top, Vargas looked to advance his position while also trying to control Pimblett with the Cage Warriors veteran constantly working to get back to his feet.

Pimblett finally turned the tables with a perfectly timed hip toss that brought Vargas crashing to the mat and he was immediately trying to fend off submissions.

As soon as he took the back, Pimblett was looking to slip his arm under the chin and despite Vargas’ best efforts to slip free, he eventually found himself trapped with the Liverpool native locked on his neck. A few seconds later, Vargas tapped the leg to signify the end of the fight as the O2 arena came unglued to celebrate Pimblett’s second win in the UFC.

Afterwards, Pimblett all but ignored an early call out from Ilia Topuria following a pre-fight altercation that brought them to blows and instead he turned his attention to one of the creators of Facebook, who is clearly under his skin.

“Mr. Hand Sanitizer boy [Ilia Topuria], lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep,” Pimblett said. “Who I want to fight? Mark Zuckerberg, I’m going to punch your head in. I’m sick of you, lad. Sick of you.

“Shutting my Instagram accounts down when all I do is help charities and help people with mental health problems. You’re the biggest bully in the world.”

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