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UFC London video: Molly McCann flattens Luana Carolina with spectacular spinning back elbow KO

Molly McCann just put her name into contention for “Knockout of the Year” following her stunning finish at UFC London.

There was no slowing down from McCann from the start of the fight until the end, when she unloaded a spectacular spinning back elbow off the clinch that crushed Luana Carolina. The Brazilian crashed to the canvas as McCann rushed to celebrate her victory in front of her home audience in England.

“We drill that everyday,” McCann said of her knockout. “I’m ready to go. I’m ready to punch all night. Thank you very much [Luana Carolina] for pushing me. I’m so bloody happy.”

With the entire O2 Arena behind her, McCann came out firing and looking for a first-round stoppage as she tagged Carolina with a punch that stunned the Brazilian against the cage. McCann started unleashing a barrage of punches in succession that continued to blast Carolina in the head and body.

While Carolina was obviously hurt, she was able to hold on to slow down the action and force McCann to settle into a rhythm to prevent the Englishwoman from running out of steam from her furious start. Carolina desperately tried to keep McCann off her, but the Liverpudlian kept up her forward pressure and punished Carolina with combinations.

The assault continued into the second round as McCann kept her foot on the gas and put Carolina down with a well-timed takedown. To her credit, Carolina avoided absorbing many shots on the ground and tagged McCann with knees and some sharp elbows once the fighters climbed back to their feet.

With no desire to let Carolina forge a comeback, McCann once again started Round 3 by swinging hard and heavy combinations until she closed the distance on her taller opponent. That’s when McCann unleashed the spinning attack that blindsided Carolina and separated her from consciousness immediately.

McCann has enjoyed plenty of wins during her career, but none sweeter than this one, as she almost assuredly secured a post-fight bonus and her second consecutive win in a row.

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