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Darren Till calls for ‘F*** Uriah Hall’ chant at UFC London Q&A, Hall responds

Darren Till let it clearly be known what he thinks of Uriah Hall.

At a fan Q&A on Friday ahead of UFC London, Till was asked who he’d like to fight next and he immediately answered with Hall’s name. He then called for the crowd to chant “F*** Uriah Hall,” which they did with vigor.

When asked by UFC commentator John Gooden what Hall had done to earn his ire, Till responded, “What have I done to deserve all the f****** s*** he’s given me on Twitter?”

This past February, Hall said in an interview that he believed Till was avoiding him.

“I wanted Darren Till, but he’s just being a punk ass b*tch,” Hall told The Schmo. “I don’t know what happened, or if he’s playing the UFC or what not, but he’s the guy that makes sense.

“I wanted him, but I think he’s just scared. I think he’s really scared, either that, or he’s injured or some sh*t. He’s always making excuses. That’s how I look at him, he talks smack but I know when I stand in front of him he’s gonna be quiet. So I know I can beat him, I just know I can beat him. He’s short, he sucks, he’s ugly and I just know I can kick his ass.”

That drew a confused response from Till, who hasn’t forgotten the slight.

“He called me out,” Till said. “I’ve never dodged any fight. Listen, I’m coming off two losses. The loss before that was to Whittaker, probably the second-best if not him and Adesanya the best middleweights on Earth. I’ve never dodged a fight, I’ve come up to middleweight and fought the two best middleweights at the time, Gastelum and Whittaker.

“So if he wants to fight me and wants to say I’m scared, I want to fight him next.”

Later Friday, Hall addressed the comments.

“Ha f*** you too glad I’m on your mind b****,” Hall wrote. “Unlike you I’m getting ready for someone who actually fights but you and I know you ain’t never going to fight again p****.”

Hall is currently set to fight Andre Muniz at a UFC event on April 16, while Till awaits his next booking after losing back-to-back fights to Robert Whittaker and Derek Brunson.

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