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Video: Referee gets crushed by rolling thunder KO at Brave CF, finishes match

Referee Scott Manhardt was on the wrong end of one of the wildest knockouts of March.

The veteran official took one to the chin on Thursday at the Super Cup 2022 Semifinals in Bahrain, an event organized by BRAVE CF and IMMAF. While refereeing a matchup between Ireland’s Lewis Byrne and Mexico’s Luis Gonzalez, Manhardt jumped in to separate the fighters after the horn signaled the end of the second round — only to eat a flush rolling thunder kick courtesy of Gonzalez.

Not surprisingly, the unexpected shot sent Manhardt plummeting to the canvas. However, in a show of toughness, Manhardt ultimately recovered and finished out the match.

Watch replay of the accidental knockout above.

Fortunately, Manhardt seems to be OK, all things considered. Promotional officials told MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz that Manhardt cleared his post-fight medicals — and the veteran official even poked fun at the incident on social media.

“Protect yourself at all times,” Manhardt wrote on Twitter, adding a laughing emjoi.

“PS. I got up and finished the fight.”

Byrne ultimately defeated Gonzalez via unanimous decision.

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