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Joe Rogan calls Spotify backlash a ‘political hitjob’ but no regrets over apologizing for past mistakes

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Joe Rogan has no regrets over the apology he issued for his past use of racial slurs but he also knows exactly what was intended when a video was released compiling numerous clips from past episodes of his podcast.

The comedian and UFC color commentator has been under fire for weeks — first due to criticism over guests and conversations he’s had regarding COVID-19 — but more recently after that video went viral that featured Rogan saying the ‘N-word’ numerous times.

In his return to Spotify this week, Rogan, who will be an analyst on the UFC 271 pay-per-view Saturday night, further addressed the controversy while admitting that the video released forced him to face some ghosts from his past.

“In a lot of ways, all this is a relief,” Rogan said. “Because that video had always been out there. Like this is a political hit job so they’re taking all this stuff that I’ve ever said that’s wrong and smushed it all together but it’s good because it makes me address some sh*t that I really wish wasn’t out there.”

In the aftermath of that compilation video being released, Rogan decided to delete more than 70 episodes of his podcast from Spotify.

He inked a lucrative deal worth over $100 million with the streaming platform for exclusive rights to his popular podcast back in 2020 and Spotify has continued to support him amid the recent controversies.

During a stand up set in Texas on Tuesday night, Rogan said even he felt really uncomfortable watching that video that spliced together many of the incidents where he used racial slurs.

“I used to say it if [I was talking about] a Richard Pryor bit or something, I would say it in context,” Rogan said as first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. “Somebody made a compilation of every time I said that word over 14 years and they put it on YouTube, and it turned out that was racist as f*ck. Even to me!

“I’m me and I’m watching it saying, ‘Stop saying it!’ I put my cursor over the video and I’m like, ‘Four more minutes?!’”

While Rogan had numerous high-profile people defending him in recent days, he actually faced criticism from former President Donald Trump who said he should “stop apologizing” while being called out for past errors.

Rogan disagreed with the idea that he should never apologize for his mistakes, although he also admitted that there are times when saying “I’m sorry” can go too far.

“You should apologize if you regret something,” Rogan said. “This idea that you should never apologize. Like if you regret something, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with apologizing.

“But I do think you have to be very careful to not apologize for nonsense. Like you see Awkwafina? She sort of defended the way she talks and they were saying it was a ‘blaccent,’ which come on, man.”

As part of his comedy routine, Rogan also took aim at his many conversations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic where he’s been slammed for spreading “dangerous misinformation.”

As part of a new corporate policy, Spotify actually started labeling any podcasts featuring discussion about COVID-19 with a warning to listeners.

Of course, Rogan was quick to point out that nobody should be turning to him for medical advice in the first place.

“I talk sh*t for a living — that’s why this is so baffling to me,” Rogan said. “If you’re taking vaccine advice from me, is that really my fault?

“What dumb sh*t were you about to do when my stupid idea sounded better? ‘You know that dude who made people eat animal d*cks on TV? How does he feel about medicine?’ If you want my advice, don’t take my advice.”

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