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UFC Vegas 49 results: Priscila Cachoeira wins unanimous decision after engaging in wild slugfest with Ji Yeon Kim

UFC Fight Night: Kim v Cachoeira Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Defense took the night off as Priscila Cachoeira won a slugfest with Ji Yeon Kim in an electrifying flyweight battle at UFC Vegas 49.

Cachoeira was able to get the job done thanks to her blistering power that had Kim backing up several times during the fight and then closing out the fight with a series of nasty elbows that opened several cuts on the South Korean’s face. While it was a close battle throughout, Cachoeira did enough to get the win with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28 in her favor.

Throughout all three rounds, the flyweights were more than happy to stand and trade with Cachoeira swinging wild shots while Kim was a little more technical with her combinations. While it wasn’t the most tactical game plan, Cachoeira was definitely throwing with power behind every punch and Kim started to get a little wary to return fire in many of the exchanges.

Recognizing that her activity was waning a bit, Kim got more active as the second round got underway as she started to increase her output while also attempting to put Cachoeira on her backfoot more often. Kim began finding a home for a slick left jab and then following that with a hard right behind it that started to cause some swelling on Cachoeira’s face.

With five minutes remaining, Cachoeira started throwing caution to the wind as she just started unloading with every punch in her arsenal and she actually tagged Kim with a couple of stiff shots. The only problem is Cachoeira had no interest in playing defense, which allowed Kim to aim and fire on target with several staggering punches of her own.

Because Kim was always so willing to engage in a slugfest, Cachoeira showcased her power by firing away with devastating combinations with little regard about what was being thrown back in her direction.

As she sought to secure the victory, Cachoeira started to close the distance while firing off several nasty standing elbows that actually opened a couple of cuts on Kim’s face. With Kim backing up against the cage, Cachoeirz just went berserk, firing punches and elbows with relentless aggression and that paid off as she had her opponent hurt and stuck without an escape until the fight ended.

Cachoeira was understandably emotional following the win as she improved her record to 3-1 over her past four fights with a potential bonus coming her way after the war with Kim on Saturday night.

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