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Jorge Masvidal drops scathing video blasting Colby Covington as ‘The Real Street Judas’

Jorge Masvidal Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The war of words between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington is heating up.

Former teammates at American Top Team and once self-proclaimed “best friends,” Masvidal and Covington had a falling out as both men rose up the ranks of the UFC welterweight division. Since then, the two have traded barbs in the media about one another, with Covington frequently referring to Masvidal as “Street Judas” — a play on Masvidal’s “Street Jesus” persona.

After years of back and forth, the two are now scheduled to face off in the main event of UFC 272, and with the fight not too far off, Masvidal fired one of his first salvos on Wednesday night, dropping a video “exposing” Covington as “The Real Street Judas.”

The video is a compilation of clips showing the change in Covington’s behavior, unflattering stories from other fighters about Covington, and even a clip of Covington appearing to admit his persona is simply meant to sell fights.

While it contains nothing new, it is still a scathing attack on Covington, and one that, according to Masvidal, is just the beginning.

Masvidal and Covington will face each other in the non-title main event of UFC 272 on March 5, in Las Vegas, NV.

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