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UFC Vegas 48 video: Jim Miller demolishes Nikolas Motta by knockout, ties record for most wins in UFC history

Jim Miller is far from finished — and he’s still setting records after 39 fights in the UFC.

On Saturday night at UFC Vegas 48, Miller needed less than two rounds to finish Nikolas Motta with a brutal knockout to pick up his 23rd career win inside the octagon, which ties him with Donald Cerrone for the most all-time victories in the promotion.

The end came at 1:58 in the second round, although Miller felt as if the fight could actually have been stopped a little earlier.

“It feels great,” Miller said after his win. “I’m a little bit annoyed at the moment because I felt like it was a little bit of a late stoppage. He took a few more shots than he needed to.

“I knew I’d be able to land some leg kicks on him. I kept going to that jab initially. I just went in. I’ve got 39 fights. Some of the best that have ever done this, they don’t fight like I do. Who else at the later end of their career is knocking dudes out?”

Showing no hesitation in his debut against a bonafide legend, Motta was fast with his strikes, including a right hand that clipped and rattled Miller in an early exchange. Miller quicky reset himself on the feet though, and once he was able to work into the clinch, Miller punished Motta to the head and body with short strikes on the inside.

The Brazilian stayed out of too much trouble by escaping to the center of the cage, but Miller then began to set up his boxing by chipping away at Motta’s inside leg with a series of kicks that kept him off balance. Once Miller had his opponent reacting to the kicks, he leapt forward with a stinging right hand that landed flush and sent Motta crashing down to the mat.

From there, Miller dropped hammers from above until the referee finally saw enough to stop the contest.

Following his latest win, Miller was once again adamant about his future goal to stick around until he at least gets the chance to compete at UFC 300 after previously fighting at both UFC 100 and UFC 200.

“I’ve got UFC 300 in my [mind],” Miller said. “That’s where I’m going.”

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