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UFC Vegas 48 video: Stephanie Egger makes quick work of Jessica-Rose Clark with nasty armbar submission

Stephanie Egger showcased her nasty submission skills after wrapping up a first-round armbar to finish Jessica-Rose Clark at UFC Vegas 48.

Heading into the fight, Egger expected Clark to test her striking skills but instead they ended up in a clinch almost as soon as the action began and the Swiss judoka made her pay for it. After securing a throw to bring the fight down to the ground, Egger seized on the opening to latch onto an armbar that forced Clark to tap out with the fight ending at 3:44 in the first round.

“I was thinking she will do more striking but then she was looking for the clinch and I like to throw people,” Egger said. “I hope I can fight as soon as possible. Give me next opponent.”

Despite facing a noted grappler, Clark seemed resigned in her decision to work from the clinch after pressing Egger against the cage following the opening exchange in the fight. From there, Egger was constantly threatening for the takedown with Clark defending well until she got too far across the hip, which allowed for the throw to bring them crashing down to the canvas.

From there, Egger started hammering away with punches, which forced Clark to scramble and attempt to roll out of a bad position.

Unfortunately for her, that just allowed Egger to make the adjustment to grab the submission and once Clark landed on her back with the arm extended, she was forced to tap or risk potential injury.

The submission was Egger’s second straight finish in the UFC after earning a TKO in her previous performance while she moves to 2-1 overall in her career inside the octagon. As for Clark, she suffers a defeat in her first fight back after knee surgery kept her out of action for more than a year.

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