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Mike Perry reveals why he turned down Jake Paul’s offer to spar before Tyron Woodley rematch

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After earning a win over a professional boxer, Mike Perry feels a fight with Jake Paul would make perfect sense.

Before that can be a possibility, Perry is set to make his BKFC debut when he headlines Knucklemania 2 on Feb. 19 against Julian Lane, which takes place Saturday night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla.

Paul is coming off of a vicious KO win over Tyron Woodley in their second meeting in December to remain undefeated as a pro boxer. Prior to that fight, Perry revealed that Paul’s team invited him to spar. The timing was tough since Perry had just defeated Michael Seals at Triller Triad Combat in November, although if the offer was right, he might’ve found a way. Apparently, it wasn’t.

“That week, when I was actually at the BKFC event, I had originally been hit up by Jake Paul’s team and they asked me to come to Puerto Rico and spar,” Perry told MMA Fighting. “I was gonna do it, but my managers — which are the same as Woodley — they kind of advised against that. I was gonna get $2,500 for it, and they were like, ‘Jake should be giving you $25,000 for what he’s gonna make in the fight if you want to spar him.’

“And then the real deal ender was I asked for two tickets to the event, and they were like, ‘Oh, we can’t get tickets.” Alright, then I can’t f*cking help you. Obviously he didn’t need the help, maybe he just wanted to beat on me. I hadn’t been training, I had just fought the week before, and I was under a little suspension, but I went to BKFC and fought Julian Lane for free behind a guardrail. So I guess I was destined to punch someone that week.”

Perry and Paul have sparred together before, which led to a social media back-and-forth between the two fighters. “Platinum” admitted that he wasn’t happy with the way he handled the situation, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love the opportunity to face “The Problem Child” with the stakes as high as they can be.

“I want to fight Jake Paul,” Perry said. “I sparred him once, but he don’t want to fight me because you can hit me as hard as you want and I’m never gonna stop coming for you. And I’m gonna land shots, and I did land shots on Jake. I had him running into some shots when we sparred. Yes, first couple of rounds he did pretty good. He’s longer, bigger, and he hit me with some shots in the beginning — and I kind of wanted to get hit by the shots, I wanted to see how Jake punches.

“He hit me, no follow-ups. Tried to hit me again, I started making adjustments and made him run into shots. I’m down for whatever, man. I’ll fight anybody.”

After Perry handles his business with Lane in the BKFC ring, if Paul is looking for an opponent for his next appearance in the boxing ring — or the MMA cage, or any type of combat sports environment — he would be happy to put an end to the sparring speculation once and for all.

“Anytime, bro. Any f*cking time,” Perry said of Paul. “I’m ready [for it], I did sign on a contract. I’m fighting Feb. 19, bare knuckle, and Jake Paul doesn’t want to fight no bare knuckle. If he wants to step in the bare-knuckle ring, the boxing ring, MMA, we can do anything. We can do a grappling match, a boxing match, we can fight anytime, anywhere.

“Everybody knows I’m telling the truth. I’m down. What are we waiting for? I work hard, I’m in shape, I look good. I would get hit, but I like that sh*t. I’m kind of a freak. I like it. You can hit me all you want, but I’m gonna get you because I’m never gonna stop. You can keep hitting me over and over and over, and I’m gonna keep making little adjustments, and I’m gonna catch you. You ain’t gonna like it when I hit you.”

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