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Video: Mike Perry threatens Julian Lane with a bat at BKFC: KnuckleMania II press conference

UFC veteran Mike Perry came prepared for battle at his first press conference as part of the BKFC roster.

Just before the end of a hostile press conference with Julian Lane for their fight at KnuckleMania II, Perry responded to Lane by saying “what’s up, little b*tch” and pulled a bat out of his pocket. Security swarmed to ensure nobody actually got hit.

The bat looked real enough when Perry first revealed it on stage, but he later showed it wasn’t made out of aluminum or wood.

After the bat emerged, Lane then accused Perry of using racial slurs against him after they first got into a brawl at a separate BKFC event this past December.

Check out a longer version of the exchange below.

“You’ve got a bat, b*tch?” Lane shouted. “He needs a bat. What are you going to do with that? You already called me a b*tch ass n---- on camera in front of everybody. You’re dropping the N-bomb. You know how I roll. N----, I am Black. You’re dropping the N-word. My peoples already waiting outside to get your ass but I’ve got to make them wait so I can let you get in the ring and get really f*cked up.

“So with that bat, you might want to watch yourself when you’re walking out of here, you’re going to play like that.”

The fighters were eventually separated by BKFC security before the press conference officially ended.

BKFC: KnuckleMania II takes place on Saturday at Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Fla., and airs on pay-per-view via FITE TV. Perry vs. Lane serves as the main event along with a pair of title fights as Luis Palomino defends his super welterweight title against Martin Brown, while Britain Hart-Beltran takes on Christine Ferea to crown a new BKFC 125-pound women’s champion.

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