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Rizin 40 video: John Dodson flattens Hideo Tokoro with blistering series of punches for first-round knockout

John Dodson dreamed about returning to Japan after his second professional bout took place there 18 years ago and he certainly made the most of his opportunity at RIZIN 40.

The UFC veteran blitzed Hideo Tokoro with punches after he actually chased him across the ring following a body shot that spelled the beginning of the end. It was that punch to the midsection that had Tokoro turning away and Dodson coming after him with guns blazing as he looked for the finish.

With Tokoro backing up against the ropes, Dodson just unleashed a flurry of punches with a straight left hand landing clean, which sent his opponent down to the ground. Dodson followed with a few more shots but the fight was already over by that point.

It was an impressive debut for Dodson, who inked a multi-fight contract with RIZIN prior to his debut appearance on the New Year’s Eve card.

In addition to his new home with RIZIN, Dodson is also still competing as part of the roster at BKFC with hopes that his next fight will take place at the upcoming KnuckleMania III card happening in his hometown of Albuquerque, N.M. in February.

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