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Rizin 40 video: Yuki Motoya demolishes ex-UFC fighter Rogerio Bontorin with devastating knee strike knockout

Yuki Motoya dispatched ex-UFC fighter Rogerio Bontorin with a jaw-dropping knee strike that ended their fight in the second round at Rizin 40 on Saturday.

Following a first round that saw the bantamweights battling for position from the clinch and the referee separating them on a couple of occasions, Motoya decided to opt for a different plan of attack as he started striking from the outside to use his reach advantage.

That’s when Motoya unleashed a kick to the body that landed clean because Bontorin reacted immediately as he attempted to go for a takedown to give himself some time to recover. The strategy backfired as Motoya threw a knee strike right up the middle and Bontorin went flying backwards from the force of the shot that landed.

As he hit the ground, Bontorin was already out but Motoya followed with a couple more punches as the referee rushed in to stop the contest.

The knockout serves as Motoya’s fifth consecutive win in a row while Bontorin’s tough run continues as he falls to 0-4 with one no contest with three of those losses coming in the UFC.

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