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Video: Paddy Pimblett beats up internet troll in gym challenge

The internet troll was surprisingly game, throwing all sorts of kicks at Paddy Pimblett. One of them pulled a muscle, which made him an even easier target for “The Baddy” after his trolling led to a gym challenge seen in the video above.

Pimblett went relatively easy on the troll, considering he could have gone full power and ended things quickly. Ultimately, he was impressed that the guy actually showed up and took the beating for as long as he could hold out, which was a little over two rounds. Pimblett had offered a 500 euro prize if his foe could simply survive and booked him a ticket to his gym in Liverpool, U.K.

Pimblett has a few more trolls on his social media these days. After winning a controversial decision over Jared Gordon at UFC 282, there were a few boos to go along with the cheers at the T-Mobile Arena. Later, he refused to apologize to his critics or bury the hatchet with Ariel Helwani, who called he and his manager out for an alleged request to pay for an interview.

The U.K. star remains unbooked for his next fight. Along with trolls, potential opponents continue to call him out. Others have resolved themselves to watching his rise, believing the UFC is protecting him.

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