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Drew Dober had tough time matching Bobby Green’s trash talk: ‘He told me to shut up and he hit me with a 2-piece’

Drew Dober was reminded that sometimes, it’s best to let his fists do his talking for him.

The lightweight contender scored an incredible knockout victory over Bobby Green this past Saturday at UFC Vegas 66 after falling behind on the scorecards to the chatty veteran. Dober eventually found the target with power punches in the second round to end his 2022 campaign with a 3-0 record, all wins by KO/TKO.

Dober and Green both walked out of the UFC APEX an extra $50,000 in their pockets for putting on the Fight of the Night, in no small part to Green’s verbal antics.

“For the fight to finish the way it did is surprising and kind of surreal,” Dober said on The MMA Hour. “I’ve looked up to Bobby Green, and I know how talented he is. Definitely hard to hit and definitely even harder to knock out, so I’m very happy with that win. But the first round happened as I expected it, he is super hard to hit, he was really fast.

“Man, the trash talking and the way he moves his head, he is definitely a unique specimen to deal with.”

Throughout his 14-year pro career, Green has become infamous not just for his prodigious striking, but the war of words that he conducts while in the cage. Dober had plenty of problems dealing with Green on both fronts before finding the finish.

“Everything,” Dober said when asked what Green said to him during the fight. “From ‘that punch missed’ to ‘nah that didn’t hurt,’ ‘that hit my elbow,’ ‘you’ve got nothing.’ And my favorite part was when I tried to talk back to him, and he told me to shut up and he hit me with a two-piece. That was incredible, so props to him.”

Dober’s reputation has been built on his incredible striking feats, particularly his explosive finishes. Following Saturday’s win, he is now tied with Dustin Poirier for the most knockouts in the history of the UFC lightweight division at eight.

Having picked up the victory, Dober can look back on his attempts to trash talk with a laugh.

“I put forth my best effort to reciprocate and he shut that up real quick,” Dober said. “I don’t even remember what I was trying to [say to him.] I’m not much of a talker, I’m more of an actions type of person. It kind of just drawed out some entertainment out of me and I wanted to give it a shot and it didn’t come out well.

“I feel like me trying to trash talk is like giving your 10-year-old permission to cuss. It just doesn’t come out fluidly, so I was like, I need to dismiss that idea.”

Both fighters were all smiles shortly after the end of their fight, a scene the reflected the friendship between Dober and Green. Though only one man could have their hand raised on Saturday, just having the chance to step into the cage with each other was a pleasure, according to Dober.

“Bobby and I have been cool with each other for the longest time,” Dober said. “We’ve known that this fight was going to happen eventually. So we talked about scheduling and seeing when it could work. We’ve been very excited to fight each other and it was a blessing to have it this year.”

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