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UFC Vegas 66 video: Michal Oleksiejczuk smashes Cody Brundage with vicious ground-and-pound knockout

Michal Oleksiejczuk had a slow start but came storming back for an impressive finish to kick off the main card at UFC Vegas 66.

After getting controlled on the ground in the early going, Oleksiejczuk reversed his fortunes by getting on top of Cody Brundage and unleashing some vicious punches. With his opponent trapped underneath him, Oleksiejczuk continued throwing hammers until Brundage went limp, which forced the referee to stop the fight.

The end came at 3:16 in the opening round.

“My game plan was very simple,” Oleksiejczuk said after the win. “I want to destroy my opponent and take their defense. Cody is a very good grappler and one takedown I lose, but I am ready for the best fighter in the middleweight division.”

It was actually Brundage who got off to a fast start with a well-timed takedown as he looked to control Oleksiejczuk on the canvas with his wrestling. Brundage did a good job with his game plan until Oleksiejczuk managed to scramble free for a reversal and started raining down blows from the top.

From there it was Oleksiejczuk who began throwing some devastating ground-and-pound, with several punches slipping through Brundage’s defense.

After a couple of hammerfists slipped through Brundage’s guard, Oleksiejczuk really began to unleash some serious power. A few more shots landed and Brundage stopped defending as his arms fell to the side and the referee rushed in to stop the contest.

Following his second straight win since moving down to middleweight, Oleksiejczuk wasted no time looking towards the top-15 rankings for his next opponent.

Chris Curtis, you are next,” Oleksiejczuk said. “You are ranked fighter and I want a fight with him.”

It didn’t take Curtis long to hear his name and respond with a simple “say when.”

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