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KSI plans to ‘break Dillon Danis’ face’ and ‘destroy everything’ Jake Paul has built

KSI v Dillon Danis Press Conference Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

KSI knows he’ll face Jake Paul at some point, but he’s not interested in doing it immediately.

In his next fight, KSI will face Bellator’s Dillon Danis in the main event of MF and DAZN: X Series 004, which takes place Jan. 14 at Wembley Arena in London. At Thursday’s press conference promoting the fight, KSI discussed going through a dark period, how boxing has helped him climb out of it, and how his career trajectory will lead him to a big fight with Paul down the line.

“I’m just a progress-driven person,” KSI said. “I think it gives me purpose, and I think, for me, that’s it. That’s what gives me purpose. In the dark, I definitely lost my purpose and lost my way a little bit. I felt very empty, whereas now I feel so fulfilled and so good about my life. Therapy has helped tremendously, and also just having purpose in my life.

“For me, [it’s] making sure I break Dillon Danis’ face on Jan. 14 [because] it’s going to give me so much joy, and then breaking the next person, and then the next person, or whoever it is, and then eventually get to Jake Paul and destroy everything that he has built. I think it’s going to be fantastic.”

Paul is coming off of a unanimous decision win over former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva earlier this year, while KSI holds a win over the YouTube star’s older brother, current WWE wrestler Logan Paul.

The push for a KSI vs. Paul fight is likely to pick up steam as both combatants continue to occupy the spotlight. When the time actually comes, KSI believes he’ll retire from the sport.

“I could fight Jake middle of next year if I wanted to,” KSI explained. “I was definitely offered to [fight him], but I said, ‘Nah,’ because I’m enjoying this too much. I didn’t think I’d be so obsessed with just being able to improve so much. I think I’m on a level where I can just keep going and keep going, way further than I thought. I never thought I could [run] a 5K in less than 20 minutes, I breezed passed that. Now that’s nothing.

“To I know I can go further beyond, it’s just sick. I don’t want it to end so quick, because I know as soon as I fight Jake, it’s done. I’ll have no interest or intrigue to do anything else boxing-wise.”

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