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Paulo Costa accuses UFC of ‘using USADA as dirt weapon’ in contract negotiations

MMA: AUG 20 UFC 278
Paulo Costa
Photo by Alejandro Salazar/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Paulo Costa has had it with the UFC and the USADA.

On Friday, the UFC middleweight contender lashed out on social media, accusing his employer of using its drug testing partner to “annoy” him with his current contract coming to an end.

See Costa’s since-deleted tweet below:

@BorrachinhaMMA, Twitter

“I think the UFC is using USADA as dirt weapon to annoy those who don’t want to renew their miserable contract,” Costa wrote on Twitter.

Though Costa deleted those comments, he did not back down on his criticism of the USADA after he was apparently visited by the agency early Friday morning.

Costa described the visit as “unbelievable,” adding “f*** USADA.” He also included pictures of what appears to be his interaction with a USADA tester.

Later, Costa mentioned the possible UFC-USADA connection again in regards to his being tested, but softened his accusation by writing, “that’s just a delusional thing, don’t mind.”

Costa most recently competed at UFC 278 where he scored a unanimous decision win over former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold in a wild and bloody fight. He is 6-2 in the UFC, including a loss in a title fight against Israel Adesanya in the main event of UFC 253.

This isn’t Costa’s first time crossing paths with the USADA. In April 2019, Costa was suspended for six months due to prohibited IV use. This past August, Costa followed up his win over Rockhold by blasting the USADA, claiming that he was asked to submit a sample while he was cutting weight.

“F*** the boss on USADA who sent their agents this morning at my sleep room 6 am to take my blood out,” Costa tweeted. “I was cutting weight, very dehydrated, and they wants took my blood! F*** those guys! I never been caught by USADA test, I don’t need this f*** sh*t.”

Responding to a fan who asked why he is still in the testing pool, “Borrachinha” answered that he will be a free agent in five months or if he fights out the remaining bout on his contract.

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