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Video: Paddy Pimblett’s dog has an accident in neighbor’s yard, leads to hilarious interaction on camera

Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett is a stand up guy.

We’ve all been there before: you’re walking your dog when suddenly it starts to handle its business on your neighbors lawn, and you’re unprepared for the moment. Well, the same thing recently happened to Pimblett, who was caught off guard when his dog took a “sloppy s***” on a neighbor’s lawn during a nighttime stroll. Lacking the tools to clean up the mess, Pimblett opted to ring the neighbor’s doorbell to resolve the situation, leading to a wholesome interaction between the two that was caught on the woman’s Ring camera, and made the rounds on social media this weekend.

“Hello, love. Me dog’s just had a sloppy s*** outside and I was just wondering if you’ve got some water,” Pimblett said. “I don’t want to leave it outside.”

It’s at this point that Pimblett’s neighbor recognizes the MMA star, asking, “Is that Paddy the Baddy?” before telling Pimblett not to worry and that she’ll take care of it.

“You sure? I feel terrible,” Pimblett responded. “He just had a proper sloppy s*** and I can’t even pick it up with a poo bag, you know what I mean?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll clean it when I get in,” the neighbor said.

“Thank you very much, once again,” Pimblett concluded. “I’m sorry about that. I hate doing stuff like that. That’s why I knocked on.”

Pimblett is 3-0 since joining the UFC in 2021, and is now set to face Jared Gordon in the co-main event of UFC 282 on Dec. 10 in Las Vegas.

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