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PFL Championship 2022 results: Brendan Loughnane punishes Bubba Jenkins before earning fourth-round stoppage

It’s been a long road but Brendan Loughnane can proudly call himself a champion after claiming the featherweight title with a stellar performance to stop Bubba Jenkins in the co-main event at the PFL Championship card.

Remembered as a fighter UFC president Dana White passed on signing after his appearance on The Contender Series three years ago, the 32-year-old fighter from Manchester, England made good on his second season with the PFL while putting on his best show to date.

Loughnane was on point all night long as he chopped down Jenkins with leg kicks early and then started delivering more and more punishment to the head with each passing round. Finally in the fourth, Loughnane continued to dish out punches in punches until he wobbled Jenkins with a well time shot and he swarmed on the former NCAA wrestling champion until the referee saw enough to stop the contest.

The end came at 2:38 in the fourth round.

“Forget the belt, forget the million, it’s about the performance,” Loughnane said afterwards. “I’m trying to prove how good I am. It’s a grind. It’s the hardest competition in sports. I’m emotional. Just thank you to everybody.”

While Jenkins made it tough throughout every round, Loughnane was methodical as he continuously found a home for his best strikes while shutting down every attempt from his opponent to drag the fight down the floor.

Loughnane used leg kicks early to slow down Jenkins’ movement as he saw his lead leg swell up from the sheer volume of punishment he was enduring.

Finally with Jenkins starting to slow down, Loughnane seized on the moment with a slick combination of punches that put the Bellator veteran down and out for good. Loughnane had to hammer away with a few more shots on the ground but the fight was essentially already over as he celebrated an incredible run through the 2022 season.

Loughnane has gone 8-1 overall in the PFL but most importantly he’s now the featherweight champion in 2022 with a $1 million prize as his reward.

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